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Stephen Batchelor writes about the 50th anniversary of the Dalai Lama’s escape from India in Tricycle Magazine. Good article. On newsstands now.

Still, I wonder whether New Mexico is a good example. New Mexicans are quite happy with their culture, which is a unique mix of Hispanic, Native American and Anglo cultures (((Anglo is New Mexico-speak for everyone who is neither Hispanic nor Native American))) Some people say that New Mexico is neither Mexico nor the USA, which is confirmed by many tourists, including Americans, arriving here and wanting to change dollars for the local currency, or wondering how much international calls are to the States.

Maybe eventually New Tibet will emerge, a culture that might be neither the old Tibet nor the old China. It sure looks like that might be the best one can hope for at present.


  1. Marsha

    Enjoyed the items about NW and the tourists.

  2. dave

    I was surprised that I was able to use American dollars when I was in SFe. ;-)

  3. Anjali

    How sad, that a rich and beautiful culture is being decimated. New Mexico does seem like a bit of an odd example though I don’t know much about the history of its creation. I’ll be curious to check out the article!


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