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Went back to the area I walked in last Tuesday.

Discovered quite the symphony going on between different species of birds and some frogs. From one particular spot I could hear water rushing left and right and a nice stereo image of the animals in between – perfectly arranged! Must go back and record

neo bohemia
Court nobles in China and Japan took great effort to perfume their robes and writing paper with incense. Not only to scent their surroundings, but to mark time. Incense measured out how much time had passed. Can you imagine marking time with scent?

I imagine someone staring at a stick of incense, smoke curling upward, waiting for three more sticks to burn before the time of the meeting came.

neo bohemia
The Romans used applied perfumed oils to their horses, dogs and were known to scent the wings of birds. In flight, their wings would fill the air with fragrance.

Releasing a basket full of scented doves to celebrate a birthday or wedding? What a moment to imagine.


  1. Kaz

    Monday: Sao Paulo: I must say a very delightful aroma indeed! Those must be very sweet strings you’re playing on!Thank you very much Ottmar! ;-)

  2. LindaW

    Kaz, what an interesting idea!

    Imagine a musical instrument that emitted scent for notes struck or chords held!

    Ottmar, I love the spot that you capture the images… its lovely, but have yet to find a place to get close enough to the water.


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