Friday in Santa Fe

In the evening I stepped outside to view the moon. I thought snow had surprised me, but it was the silvery light of the moon that had made the ground look so light. As I looked up, coyotes were starting a concert nearby, their many voices sounding like processed electronic sounds in an echo chamber. If I had recorded the sound, you might not believe it was created by a group of coyotes.

As suddenly as the concert started, it stopped again, and after a moment of taking it all in, I walked back inside. I’d like to tag the memory: 2009, november, cold, night, moon, silver, concert, coyote, santa fe, processed, electronics,

Beautiful short film about Louis Kahn’s Exeer Academy Library.

Some great insight into the music-biz today: lists, popular music, nothing new in the naughties (21st century), sound itself…. very interesting:
Video: Paul Morley talks to Matthew Herbert
And more by Paul Morley on the subject here.


On Saturday afternoon I walked to KPIG to do an interview in their studio, the pigsty. Unfortunately the request for me to bring my guitar and play in the studio had been lost and so we just talked and listened to a couple of tracks from NF and The Hours…

Here is another shot of the orange chairs on Mint Plaza:

Now I am back home in Santa Fe, catching up… DK sent me a link to The Lazy Little Guide to Enlightenment by Stephen Batchelor… Stephen Batchelor is, of course, anything but lazy as he was a Tibetan monk and a Korean Zen monk for years.

John Diliberto writes about Matt Schoening:

Echo Location: Matthew Schoening’s Looped Cellos « The Echoes Blog
Echoes finds a lapsed classical cellist who is looped.

You can hear the Echoes program here.
You can find Matthew’s music in our ListeningLounge

BBC NEWS | Americas | US musicians demand radio royalties
I bet you cannot guess the answer to this one.

In which countries – apart from the United States – do terrestrial radio stations NOT pay performers for their songs?

Iran, China, North Korea and Rwanda.

Artists and their record labels are calling on members of Congress to bring the US into line with the rest of the world – and with satellite, internet and cable radio stations – by passing the Performance Rights Act.

This affects performers – composers have been getting paid all along. I do think that over-the-air radio should have to pay the same as cable, satellite and web radio.

Vegetarians less likely to develop cancer than meat eaters, says study | Science | The Guardian
For years, they have boasted of the health benefits of their leafy diets, but now vegetarians have the proof that has so far eluded them: when it comes to cancer risks, they have the edge on carnivores.

Fresh evidence from the largest study to date to investigate dietary habits and cancer has concluded that vegetarians are 45% less likely to develop cancer of the blood than meat eaters and are 12% less likely to develop cancer overall.

In a couple of decades meat will be a once every half year luxury anyway since cattle needs too much water! (((Maybe more people will keep chickens in their backyard?)))

Best architecture critique ever? At least the funniest one. Me, I don’t like any of Mr. Graves’ designs. Like the worst of the Eighties fashion…

Masonry "Masterpiece" or Mistake?
Over at David Byrne’s blog I came across this monstrosity by none other than Michael Graves, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in Houston, Texas. The former Talking Head memorably says, “This very out of place structure somehow lingers, like a fart left by someone no longer in an elevator.”
(Via Clippings)

(((I added the color for emphasis)))