The Hours Between Night + Day

Breaking new stylistic ground, the 1993 CD The Hours Between Night & Day finds nouveau flamenco guitarist Ottmar Liebert combining the intimacy of the nylon-string acoustic guitar with electric musicianship. Spanish flamenco, the signature sound so strongly associated with Liebert and Luna Negra, is still featured prominantly on The Hours Between Night & Day, perhaps best illuminated on the Spanish language Marvin Gaye rework "Ten Piedad De Mi". This fine CD also includes two bonus tracks and a cover of the Peter Green classic "Albatross". Nominated for a 1993 Grammy.

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Previews are high quality stereo, but limited to 2 minutes.

  • “The Hours Between Night + Day”

    Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra

    Epic Records 053804 (1993)

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1. Bombay (Night of Dreams) 4:17
2. Snakecharmer 3:54 Snakecharmer
3. Ten Piedad De Mi (Mercy Merce Me - th... 4:08 Ten Piedad De Mi (Mercy Merce Me - th...
4. Havana Club 4:10
5. Morning Arrival in Go (Lighthouse Fla... 4:19
6. Lone Rider 5:17
7. Buddha's Flower 3:09
8. Blink (Slipping) 0:30
9. Summantra 5:21
10. Danza de los Sentidos 4:07
11. Neon Ghost Sensei (Overflowing) 4:06
12. Like Fire 2 Straw 3:04
13. Lush (Sea of Sound) 2:47 Lush (Sea of Sound)
14. Albatross 3:40
15. Sleepless (Distortion/System Crash) 3:03
16. Adrift in Tangier 3:39 Adrift in Tangier
17. Fullmoonbeachwalk 4:30
18. Temple Dawn (Ultravivid Clouds) 3:20
19. Dream - I Just Want to Drown in You 4:36

Writing + Publishing

All music written by OL. Published by Sony ATV Songs/Luna Negra Music/BMI.

Gold - USA
2 x Platinum - USA/Latin
Gold - Canada
Gold - New Zealand
Nominated for a 1993 Grammy


Producer: OL with Domenico Camardella

Engineer: Domenico Camardella

Studio: Sound Design in Santa Barbara, CA

Mastering: The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA

Mixed by: OL, Domenico Camardella, Stefan Liebert + Jon Gagan

Mix Medium: DAT

Record Medium: 2" 24-Track Analog

OL -  Flamenco Guitar, Fretless Lute, Electric Guitar + Midi-Flamenco Guitar
Jon Gagan
- Electric Bass Guitars, Piano + Synthesizer
Mark Clark
- Percussion
Davo Bryant
- Percussion + Palmas
Stefan Liebert
- Drum Programming
Domenico Camardella
- Piano
Jose Manuel Blanco
"El Grillo" - Vocals (3)
Osamu Kitajima - Koto (7 + 14)
Calvin Hazen - (10)

String Arrangements by Jon Gagan
Horn Arrangements by Domenico Camardella + Stefan Liebert