Friday in Santa Fe

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In the evening I stepped outside to view the moon. I thought snow had surprised me, but it was the silvery light of the moon that had made the ground look so light. As I looked up, coyotes were starting a concert nearby, their many voices sounding like processed electronic sounds in an echo chamber. If I had recorded the sound, you might not believe it was created by a group of coyotes.

As suddenly as the concert started, it stopped again, and after a moment of taking it all in, I walked back inside. I’d like to tag the memory: 2009, november, cold, night, moon, silver, concert, coyote, santa fe, processed, electronics,

Beautiful short film about Louis Kahn’s Exeer Academy Library.

Some great insight into the music-biz today: lists, popular music, nothing new in the naughties (21st century), sound itself…. very interesting:
Video: Paul Morley talks to Matthew Herbert
And more by Paul Morley on the subject here.


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