I think this would make a very nice album cover.

Watched this interesting report on Californian wineries catering to two powerful critics instead of the terroir or their customers. For years I have said to anyone who cared to listen that I think Californian wines are often too big and have to much alcohol. Glad to find that quite a few people agree. Or, as one man says in the report, these wines are made for tasting and spitting (tasting and rating), not for drinking.

I like the feeling of words doing as they want to and as they have to do.
– Gertrude Stein

Ah, and could hat not be said about music as well? I like the feeling of music doing as it wants to and as it has to do.

Found that quote in the book Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson, which a friend gave me to read. I am only a few pages into the book, but I love what I am reading.

Another book I am looking at is A Day at elBulli, an amazing book about the best chef in the world… the recipes are called formulas and they read like something one might encounter in the world of Anathem. The food looks findishly hard to make, but even the descriptions are evocative and poetic.

If you have a Mac and sometimes lose sight of the tiny cursor – on the busy ProTools screen for example – here is a solution, a big green target you can turn on and off. Nice!

In Japan, Buddha’s Birthday is celebrated on April 8, but is not a national holiday. On this day, all temples do celebratory events/festivals called 灌仏会 (Japanese: Kanbutsu-e), 降誕会 (Goutan-e), 仏生会 (Busshou-e), 浴仏会 (Yokubutsu-e), 龍華会 (Ryuge-e), 花会式 (Hana-eshiki) or 花祭(Hana-matsuri, meaning ‘Flower Festival’). The first event was held at Asuka-dera in 606. Japanese people pour ama-cha (a beverage prepared from a variety of hydrangea) on small Buddha statues decorated with flowers, as if they bathe a newborn baby.

And then there is this news item from Saudi Arabia, a bit funny actually:

Saudi Arabia Claims Climate Talks Threaten Their Economic Survival : TreeHugger
On the sidelines of recent climate change talks in Bonn, Germany, Saudi Arabia expressed concern that any major global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy would threaten its economic survival, Reuters reports. Calling itself one of the most vulnerable countries economically, it said that it wants support for developing alternative sources of energy, specifically developing its vast solar power potential:

[Climate change] is a matter of survival for us, also. […] Saudi Arabia has not done that much yet to diversify.
We have a lot of sun, a lot of land. We can export solar power to our neighbors on a very large scale and that is our strategic objective to diversify our economy; it will be huge.

We need the industrialized countries to assist us through direct investment, transfer of technologies.

Transfer of technology and investment is one thing, but the idea that Saudi Arabia classifies itself in the same tier of countries, such as Bangladesh, the Maldives, any of the Pacific Island nations, or countless places in Africa, which could well be thrown into environmental turmoil and have far, far less domestic capacity to deal with it seems utterly ludicrous to me.

Hmmm, maybe more diversified investment into the country and less Bentleys and golden taps in every bathroom?


Friday afternoon I spent in the studio working on a new mix of Sao Paulo from The Santa Fe Sessions (currently out of print and no longer available from download sites – although we do have a few in stock). I am taking a look at the whole album for re-release in 2010, re-arranging, editing, adding and subtracting. I think I took a nice step forward with the next album I released, 2004’s La Semana, and would like to apply some of that sound to TSFS.

This morning I did a drive-by delivery of the data for Sao Paulo when I slowed down just enough to throw the data-CD into Jon’s yard. Jon will have a fresh listen to the song (sans acoustic upright bass) and will add new fretless bass guitar and synth parts.

Red Seal

I love the old envelope I showed here. Would make a beautiful album cover. Album title could be “Red Seal”.

Could be too antique looking. Maybe I can add a very modern element.

You do have a Choice…

The Scent of Light
You can buy my best album ever (only time will tell…) from our ListeningLounge, you can order the CD from our web store, or you can wait two more weeks until the CD hits the stores and downloads become available elsewhere on June 17th.

Now or later… your choice. If you buy the album now – do leave a comment as to which track you would select to be given away (in 128kbps form) as part of our SSRI Sampler. Tell me which is your favorite piece on the album and which piece you think would appeal to others the most – and that might not be the same track. Thanks.