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The Scent of Light
You can buy my best album ever (only time will tell…) from our ListeningLounge, you can order the CD from our web store, or you can wait two more weeks until the CD hits the stores and downloads become available elsewhere on June 17th.

Now or later… your choice. If you buy the album now – do leave a comment as to which track you would select to be given away (in 128kbps form) as part of our SSRI Sampler. Tell me which is your favorite piece on the album and which piece you think would appeal to others the most – and that might not be the same track. Thanks.


  1. v2or

    The Song Firelight when downloaded at 320 seems to not work.

  2. CescoD

    Hi Ottmar

    Wonderful album, thank you very much for your music und your guitarplaying. I’m really looking forward to see you soon in Switzerland, hopefully in Basel.

    Is it my browser or is there something wrong with the song Fireflight? I can hear a short noise only, probably something wen`t bad while uploading the song to the server…


  3. ottmar

    Yes, you are both correct. Just came back from a walk and am re-uploading the song. You should be able to download the song in twenty minutes, say around 7PM MST.

  4. Carol

    I’m of the old school. I could always wait until Christamas to open my packages. I’ve sent for the CD…and wait with the joy of anticipation.

  5. Laurie

    oh, what a lovley thing to bestow upon us this evening – i am listening to the preview while I wait to download…perfect, just the tonic for my life these days

    many thanks to you…

    stood on the stage today you played on here in Maine in 2006 while scoping out the venue for our conference in October (… maybe you will come back here someday?

  6. steve1


    I am enjoying the new release tremendously. Quick question: are the locations and dates where the piece was written, first performed, or something else… ?

    Great music! ( I downloaded the LAME320 mp3s)

  7. ottmar

    steve1: I take door #3: something else :)
    All of the music was written between 2005 and 2008.
    Glad you like the album!

  8. Robin

    Favorites, in no particular order: I’ve always loved Silence…adding Firelight and Candlelight to that list. 3 Days almost got away from me…but mid-song, I was completely drawn back in! Nice little release you’ve got there… :)

  9. eric

    Mr. Liebert, after listening to Scent of Light I would have to disagree with this being your best album. I disagree because I don’t think it is possible to compare this to any of your other albums. This is where you separate yourself from simply being a musician to an artist. When you say your best album I think of La Semana, Opium, Nouveau Flamenco, the Hours between Night and Day, Leaning into the Night, Borrasca, Innamorare, Solo Para Ti, Winter Rose, among many many others including this recent release. When I listen to the music of any of your albums there is no sense of lineage. Only resonance. That’s what makes your music so phenomenal. It’s timeless. I enjoy this recent release as much as any other piece of music you’ve put out into the world. You do what many are fearful of doing, which to say, exploring new ground. You know what works yet you still wish to explore new ground and that’s what keeps us fans coming back for more. This is where we depend on you to lead us into the dark night. Knowing that your experiences in life have allowed us all to experience the fascination of what our world entails. Isn’t that what a true artist is supposed to do?

    I must add that Jon’s bass on this album is brilliant as always as well as the other musicians who have contributed over the years. I think I can speak for all us fans when I say not only thank you, but Godspeed.

  10. ottmar

    Eric: I am glad you like it. And yes, Jon is like fine wine…

  11. borisbartels

    my pers fav: “streetlight”, and the last 2:10 of “moonlight” are one of the most beautiful parts i’ve heard in a long while!

    free ssri: i would go for one of the “shorter” songs and think “morning light” would be good for attracting… it’s so positive and uplifting…

  12. snakecharmer


    I am looking forward to hearing your Devoe on this album. You always set the standard for great tone. I was suprised at how much snap and presence you are getting from the Cedar top.
    A few questions:
    1-what is the scale length on your Devoes?
    2-Do you use two Neumann’s or one when you mic the guitar?
    3-Do you think pegs improve the sound over standard tuners?


  13. Victor

    Personal favorites? Yes they are! It doesn’t seem right to try and choose. I was drawn in right from the first track… each song it’s own journey resonating deeply and in different ways. Aside from enjoying the music I was struck by depth of sound you have achieved. There is something about quality that just dances around the room… in varying waves and layers – man it’s good! Thanks so much for the music you are making Ottmar!

    I won’t even attempt to say what others might like or what you should give away. One great thing about the Listening Lounge is that everyone can listen to the full tracks and even the full album before purchasing… and then you even save a few bucks by purchasing a “full meal” instead of “a la carte”.

  14. AdamSolomon

    Song for the sampler? No question: Three Days Without You!

    Favorite is probably that, followed by Streetlight, though let’s be honest, we’re so familiar with Silence that we can hardly compare it yet! An old friend to some new arrivals…that’s a lovely version, though.

  15. marc-n-tx

    OK- so you want to know which piece should be included on the sampler? I downloaded to entire album on Friday and have only listened through it four or five times and I believe you are correct about this being your personal best. That being said, it is difficult to make a choice, BUT I absolutely love what “Silence” has grown into. I had gotten so used to the solo/first draft version, and enjoy it immensely, but this version seems so layered perfectly with Jon’s bass and Steve’s electric guitar. Very soothing, very beautiful. It will be my choice for the sampler.

    Also, I’ve had the pleasure of watching you perform the solo version of “Silence” twice. I think it would be great in future performances to start off with the solo version, as in the past, and end the show with your new version. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with us!

  16. ottmar4ever

    I have loved your music since my first listen in 1989. Every album you have produced has its own aura. Your latest is another example of sounds that draw you in, paint a picture, and make an everlasting impression. I have all your albums except Shadows and Storms. I have tried to locate one for sale over and over with no success. I don’t know if you can have just one favorite song, but Opium album touches my heart like no other. I saw you in Pittsburgh PA at that show and you have never been back:(


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