East Coast – Day 13

I took this photo as I walked to a Starbucks about half a mile from our hotel near BWI airport. Bought coffee for my Snow Peak cup and sat down near the entrance, where large windows let in light.

Jon soon arrived, had his cup filled and sat down. We noted that the music was much better than recent Starbucks experiences. This song actually has a chorus and a melody and singing without auto-tuning, we agreed.

A few thoughts at the end of the tour:

  • Seeing the Belew and Rundgren tourbus in front of Rams Head, where they performed a Bowie-themed show a couple of days before we played there, made me realize that I really don’t miss long tours or being on a bus. At all.
  • Traffic on east coast roads seemed horrific, but that’s probably the same everywhere.
  • I opened a Mastodon account and am currently not posting to Twitter. I like Mastodon. It has a great vibe.
  • We worked on new arrangements of Lush and La Luna at soundchecks – coming to a theater near you next year. Lush sounds really nice with the upright bass. More chamber music than pop.
  • I love this trio. So great playing with Jon and Robby!
  • It seems I only wear socks on the days that I have to stand on the nasty floor at the airport.
  • East Coast – Day 10

    Today we drove from Annapolis to Sellersville, Pennsylvania. We walked up to a little local cafe where we had, in the past, spent quite a few hours drinking coffee and waiting for load-in. Alas, the cafe wasn’t open and looked like it hadn’t survived. Instead we went to the restaurant next to the theater and had lunch.

    The little Sellersville Theater has a very good sound and suits us. Stephen commented that the music sounded great in the house and there was something about the way it sounded in our IEMs, too. The hall has a dry sound and the rhythm becomes very clear. The percussion sections in Snakecharmer and Barcelona Nights were so much fun to play. I felt like I was an indefatigable part of an invincible organism churning, dancing in place, then moving forward. Magical moments. You pay for those because sleep won’t come for a long time afterwards. A small price to pay. :-)

    East Coast – Day 9

    Today we drove from Richmond to Annapolis for the performance at the Rams Head.

    Jon hasn’t used an amp on stage in years. These are the DIs (Direct Input) boxes he plugs his fretless bass guitar and the upright bass into.

    A Lighter Moment

    Shoutout to the guy who raised his lit lighter when we started Waiting in Vain yesterday. Sadly I didn’t see it, but I heard about it.

    East Coast – Day 7

    Day off in Annapolis. Repaired my fingernails, took a couple of walks, ate a good Thai dinner and thereby broke the ramen spell.

    Question : Answer – Upright Bass

    Steve asked what I know about the upright bass, seen in this post.

    It’s a Chadwick folding upright bass. Jon has been playing the folding bass since 2015. It makes traveling so much easier and is a big reason why we do perform with the upright again. Well, it also sounds really good. We can fly with it and at other times it gets shipped via FedEx.

    Unfortunately Chadwick no longer produces the bass – see this.

    In 2015, before settling on the Chadwick, Jon tried this one. It didn’t sound as good.