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02023-08-31 | Touring | 3 comments

Right again. You are good at this. We should do this more often. :-)


  1. Robin

    I before E, except after C. And in Liebert :)

    • JaneParham

      Ha ha!

  2. Julie Froelich

    We went to the evening at Ludlow Garage. It’s been about 5-6 years since we last heard you live at the same venue. It was right before my mom passed away. The cancer was getting worse, but she wanted to go. It was her birthday. We sat in the same section this time 5 or 6 years later. Tears streamed down my face as you played. I reminisced not just about that special night years prior, but all the memories of growing up listening to your music since the 90’s. I enjoyed being the only kid in my class that preferred Spanish guitar, to Blink182… and the memories of listening to Nouveau Flamenco on our road trips or by the pool in the summer. Hearing you play this time was sweet. Comforting. Like coming home. I could almost feel my mom’s embrace down from the heavens. Thank you, Ottmar.


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