Sometimes there isn’t a local coffeeshop nearby and we have to go to Starbucks. Today was such a day. We arrived and ordered coffee for our to go cups. Instead of pouring the coffee into our cups, as they usually do, they used a paper cup to dispense the coffee and then poured the coffee in our mugs. That, of course, defeats the purpose of bringing our own cup. In fact it makes a mockery of it. We were wondering whether this new looking machine dispenses a fixed amount – 12 ounces for small/tall and 16 ounces for medium/grande – and REQUIRES a paper cup? Perhaps the machine works by weight rather than the amount of liquid dispensed? Either way it is not a good development. Does anyone know something about this? 

I will have to bring coffee on the next tour so I can make coffee in my room. 

Donko Donkou

I want to create a place where the flow of time is slow. The private library and cafe designed for that purpose are “Donko Donkou/Cafe Yoshi Kissa Fang”.

As the daily flow surrounding people accelerates, it is daring to be slow from the speed required by social systems and technologies. And to continue to think spontaneously about pleasure and health as a person. That’s the time I want to encourage with “dumb thinking”.

Read a book while tasting the coffee slowly roasted and carefully brewed. I believe that the lonely time of nothing and the fellowship with someone in the past called books will be the foundation of human’s ingenuity and wealth in the future, and I will open up “dumb thoughts” here.

BACH Kyoto branch office Donko donkou/喫茶芳

Machine translation isn’t perfect, but sometimes it comes up with good phrases. I like this:

I want to create a place where the flow of time is slow.

Check out the photos on the website. I also love the blue drop animation. I admit that I scrolled down several times to watch it disappear in the puddle at the bottom. 

Uncommon Names

I have often wondered why payment software doesn’t have the option of extracting the first name from the credit card and using it for the order. Or highlight the first name for the person taking the order. When I bought coffee this morning, there was quite a bit of background noise and when the person taking the order didn’t understand my name I pointed to it on my credit card.

Coffee habits: lately I take my Snowpeak cup to coffeeshops to get it filled with drip coffee AND I also order a cortado/gibraltar in a glass to have there. I drink the cortado and take the cup with me. It works. :-)


For many years I have been using the name Frank for pick up orders and in coffeeshops. It was easier than spelling my name over and over. And sometimes they wouldn’t even get “Frank” and substituted “Fred”. Whatever, it was still more efficient, faster.

My partner suggested that I use my own name because people should get used to names that are not normative. And by normative I mean typical American names like Tom, Joe and such. (((you will notice I didn’t mention names like John, Robert and Stephen… 😊)))

Of course, there is nothing wrong with Anglo names but there should be room for different sounds, and for alternate spellings as well. How can a culture grow if it doesn’t allow for new or different input? And when you stop growing you begin to die, as Frank Howell said.

So I have been using my own name. It has been rocky and here is something I noticed. A POC will ask me to spell my name and write down the letters. It’s only six letters, and two of them are identical and in a row, and it goes really fast. The white person will look annoyed that I am not a Tim or Joe and sometimes even spelling will not help. I have to believe it’s because they don’t want to accept a different name. Sometimes I quickly reverted to Frank because I got sick of the dance.

I remember when I met with the two founders of Higher Octave Music, in the Fall of 1989. They asked me to change my name because they found it too strange and feared that it would be too hard to remember.

Perhaps my name was just different enough because it obviously did not stop people from finding Nouveau Flamenco. I wonder how many people went to a record store (ah, record stores!) and asked for “that guitarist with the strange name”?

Coffee Husk

On Thursday we stopped for coffee in Claremont. It was served in these cups. At first I thought it might be a new paper cup design but it was too sturdy. The fins made it cool to the touch. I looked up the brand and discovered this:

Our journey began with the iconic HuskeeCup. A modular, reusable cup for the home, cafe, or takeaway that repurposes waste coffee husk, a by-product from the production of coffee.
Huskee US