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Sometimes there isn’t a local coffeeshop nearby and we have to go to Starbucks. Today was such a day. We arrived and ordered coffee for our to go cups. Instead of pouring the coffee into our cups, as they usually do, they used a paper cup to dispense the coffee and then poured the coffee in our mugs. That, of course, defeats the purpose of bringing our own cup. In fact it makes a mockery of it. We were wondering whether this new looking machine dispenses a fixed amount – 12 ounces for small/tall and 16 ounces for medium/grande – and REQUIRES a paper cup? Perhaps the machine works by weight rather than the amount of liquid dispensed? Either way it is not a good development. Does anyone know something about this? 

I will have to bring coffee on the next tour so I can make coffee in my room. 


  1. Steve

    >I will have to bring coffee on the next tour so I can make coffee in my room.

    Ethiopian Coffee, Yirgacheffe Region … highly recommended … tastes good even if the water is mineral heavy or is otherwise dodgy.

    • ottmar

      Thanks for the tip. I ordered some Blue Bottle Instant Espresso. I won’t need to carry a lot to make that happen. Put spoonfuls of the powder into my cup and go in search of hot water. Seems easy enough.

  2. Robin

    I just saw on the news that some SF Bay Area Starbucks have started to remove outlets and furniture in order to keep people from “overstaying their welcome”. Of course you didn’t hear that from Starbucks :)

    • ottmar

      Another corporation maximizing profits for their shareholders. I realize that some people have taken it too far. Once saw a guy who had set up his iMac on a table at Starbucks. Bet he was there for quite a while. Still, this new move by ⭐️bucks is just one more reason why one should support a local cafe instead.


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