Wednesday in Seattle

Took a cab out to radio station KWJZ in Bellevue for an interview with Jay Phillips. Enjoyed chatting with Jay, and it was nice to see the “The Hours between Night + Day” poster in the station – one of my favorite albums.

After the first show at the Triple Door, Robby (who played a lot of percussion on “The Scent of Light” an was in Luna Negra in 2004) and his brother Char came backstage to say hello. They are in town to play at the Musiquarium tomorrow night.
Upstairs and Aquarium
Check out the announcement here. If you are going out Thursday evening I would encourage you to check them out as both are very fine musicians and great people. This week Seattle is getting a double-dose of Santa Fe music!

Monday in Santa Cruz

Not feeling well today. Caught some kind of bug, I think.
Blue in a Sea of Staples

At noon Stevo and I appeared at KUSP, the local radio station. Played four songs live, and spoke with the nice host, who also gave away a “The Scent of Light” CD.
Covered Parking Meter
Sold Out

Monte Carlo Nights : Monte Carlo Nights
Last night at the Blue Note I did an interview with Nick, the Nightfly between my sets. We met for the first time in 1994, I believe. He mentioned that next year his program will be twenty years old and I answered that I recorded “Nouveau Flamenco” twenty years ago next year… Time is like climbing a mountain. We take one little breathless step at a time, but at intervals we look back and are amazed at the view back down the valley… Twenty years – almost half of my life. A long time or not time at all… :)

The first set was recorded for broadcast.

I wish I’d speak Italian.

Tuesday Afternoon

In the afternoon I spent a couple of hours with John Diliberto of Echoes. He played me 12 tracks and recorded my reaction – similar to this show with Michael Brook. Most of the music I had not heard before. Some musicians I identified within a few seconds because of their unique sound, others I could not guess at all. I had John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, Keith Jarrett and Santana within moments although he played me pieces I had not heard before. I did not guess William Orbit, Al Di Meola or Jesse Cook. The only piece of music he played that I have at home was something from Brian Eno’s Another Day On Earth. The interview/blindfold test will run sometime in May – see Echoes for details.

Then I went for a walk and had a cubano at Brew Ha Ha.

PS: I just listened to the above-linked radio show with Michael Brook. Wonderful to hear something I would not have guessed – his enjoyment of a Missy Eliot track…

PPS: Link to all of Echoes’ Secret Source shows. In the evening I listened to the show with Mark Isham and ended up writing down a couple of albums I want to hear more of.

Musician’s Guide to the Pre-Concert Warm-Up

NPR Music: A Musician’s Guide to the Pre-Concert Warm-Up
Yo-Yo Ma plays music every morning and says he likes to ease into his relationship with his cello and his bow.

“When I make the first sound, I always want it to be a friendly sound,” he says. “You’re not gunning the motor; you’re trying to just ease it in and feel the lay of the land, because you’re about to enter into some kind of partnership.”

Thanks Y.