Monday in Santa Cruz

02008-06-30 | Interview, Photos, Radio, Touring | 5 comments

Not feeling well today. Caught some kind of bug, I think.
Blue in a Sea of Staples

At noon Stevo and I appeared at KUSP, the local radio station. Played four songs live, and spoke with the nice host, who also gave away a “The Scent of Light” CD.
Covered Parking Meter
Sold Out


  1. Carol

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hope you’re feeling better already. That’s a really terrific sign there. So many happy and enriched people. You just keep getting better and better, and I thought you were the best and was completely mesmerized the first time I heard “Snake Charmer”
    Thank you for what you do and who you are which always comes through.

  2. Anna

    Ottmar, feel better soon!

  3. Victor

    The programmer’s mantra: It’s not a “bug” it’s a “feature”. Hope you get debugged soon! :)

  4. KitKat

    The Santa Barbara show was good, thanks!
    I prefer the full moon rising up from behind the band at Lake Casitas for an amazing evening of music, but the intimate setting at Soho was nice too.
    Any news on what Calvin is up to now?

  5. Panj

    Dear Ottar and Luna Negra…you were FANTASTIC Monday night!!!
    We attended the 9pm show and even though I was a bit worried about Ottmar, his discomfort didn’t affect the Music one single bit…totally totally AWESOME!
    My Prayers are with each and everyone of you…you are VERY special Musicians and bring such Magic to us…Take Care…God Speed…and THANKS!!!!!
    …and MOST of all…Ottmar please get Well SOON!!!
    Love Always…Panj
    ps…the Jazz Center is on our list of donations, after we try and help with some of the Big Sur Fire costs!


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