Tuesday Morning

I had to go back. You know I did. I did not plan it but my feet carried me there, albeit on a different route. I passed a huge graffiti of some kind of octopus human. Is there an octopus super hero? If not why does that not exist? Octopus human could disappear by looking like whatever was behind them. Basically invisible but through camouflage. Octopus human would be able to change their skin color and walk among all human cultures. Think of the teaching moments that could entail. Perhaps the octupus superheroperson could also switch sex at will… more good teaching moments as they encounter men and women.

I arrived at the Gulbenkian a few minutes past eight and walked around for an hour. There is something beautiful in the combination of nature with concrete.

I like today’s photos better than yesterdays.

Monday Morning Surprise

This morning I found myself across the street from the Calouste Gulbenkian museum. Figuring the museum would open at 1000 I almost went past when I noticed that the garden gates were open. I walked in and spent a while discovering this slightly overgrown park. It was cool under the canopies of huge trees. There was bamboo, and stone steps that led across water, and lots of benches hidden behind bushes. Lovely.
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