Jon turned me on to this album years ago. I listened to it for the umpteenth time on the plane last night. Cinelu played most of the instruments. Drums are life.


The album Saudade by Plínio Fernandes. There are lots of gems on this album. I especially enjoyed Aquarelle 2. Valseana and Aquarela Do Brasil, the first written by Sérgio Assad and the second arranged by him. Plínio Fernandes also performs the five preludes by Heitor Villa-Lobos. You might remember No.3 in A minor from my album Leaning Into the Night, where I performed it with a string section that was composed and arranged by the late Oscar Castro-Neves, who also produced the album.

Oscar told me that Villa-Lobos would do such wonderful things as hold up a piece of notation paper to the window of his Rio De Janeiro apartment and draw a line of the mountains, which he would then use for the melody.


I listened to this podcast conversation with Steve Lipson, because I have been a fan of his producing and arranging for decades. I found it very interesting that Lipson says that one plays Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars differently in part because of the different shapes. Strats mold to the body while Teles sit on top of the body like a box. If you are into music production you might enjoy the interview.

Then I listened to this song, which is a Steve Lipson production:

It’s the great Jeff Beck, playing “Over the Rainbow”, from his album Emotion & Commotion.