Guitarist Zsòfia Boros has great chops. She covered Vicente Amigo’s Callejón De La Luna on her album En Otra Parte. LINK to her version + LINK to his recording. If you listen to the two recordings you can hear the difference between classical guitar and flamenco guitar. One is round and glides and the other is spiky and snarls. One is calm and the other emotional. One wears a suit and the other ripped jeans. ;-)

The song I am offering as DMT 40 is Milonga by Jorge Cardoso, a beautiful composition beautifully played.

PS: thanks to Steve, who turned me on to Zsòfia Boros


Sakamoto (on Guitar), an album of compositions by Ryuichi Sakamoto, arranged for guitar by Jonathan Bockelmann.

LINK to Apple Music


I love this album cover. The photograph shows Ralph Towner, 82 years of age, playing guitar. He wears loose black clothing and sits on a piano bench, perhaps. The album is called At First Light. Solo guitar recordings. Towner sounds great. I first listened to Ralph Towner in the 70’s: Solstice, from 1975, followed by Sargasso Sea, with John Abercrombie, in 1976. I don’t love the music but I love that it exists, if that makes sense. I have to be in the right mood to listen to it. To hear Towner play guitar like that at age 82 is very inspiring.

LINK to the album on Apple Music but I am sure it can be found on every streaming service.
Here is another great image – LINK.


Ahmad Jamal died on Sunday, aged 92. In the late Fifties his group worked as the house trio at Chicago’s Pershing Hotel and, in 1958, released the live album, Ahmad Jamal Trio At the Pershing: But Not for Me, which stayed on the Ten Best-selling charts for 108 weeks. DMT37 is the song Poinciana from that recording. Such a great vibe!!


Nostalgia, from the album Brilliant Trees, by David Sylvian. A wonderfully melancholic, perhaps even maudlin, track. I hear an electric guitar plugged directly into the console (no amp), something Holger Czukay often did. The voice at the beginning would have come from Holger’s dictaphone, as he recorded lots of such snippets from AM radio around the world. 

You might also enjoy Plight & Premonition Flux & Mutability, two albums Sylvian and Czukay recorded together, released on one CD in 2018. 


This is a playlist that combines two albums, The Wind by Balmorhea, and Player, Piano by Daniel Lanois. The texture of the music is similar enough to create a good flow. I didn’t sequence the playlist as I enjuoyed listening in shuffle mode. It was perfect for the flight from Albuquerque to Burbank yesterday afternoon. Balmorhea was new for me. I had not heard of them and enjoyed their album very much, especially this track: The Myth. Sounds like half speed guitar… of course I would love it.