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Guitarist Zsòfia Boros has great chops. She covered Vicente Amigo’s Callejón De La Luna on her album En Otra Parte. LINK to her version + LINK to his recording. If you listen to the two recordings you can hear the difference between classical guitar and flamenco guitar. One is round and glides and the other is spiky and snarls. One is calm and the other emotional. One wears a suit and the other ripped jeans. ;-)

The song I am offering as DMT 40 is Milonga by Jorge Cardoso, a beautiful composition beautifully played.

PS: thanks to Steve, who turned me on to Zsòfia Boros


  1. Ali Shafai

    Thank you for the recommendation on Zsòfia Boros. I will listen to the whole album today.

    I love Vicente Amigo’s Callejón De La Luna, having listened to it over and over again for years. So, I am also looking forward to hearing her version of it. =^]

  2. Ali Shafai

    Just listened to her version of Callejón De La Luna, and I thought it was lovely. I still prefer to listen to Vicente’s version more, because I favor the power, emotion, and spikiness of Flamenco guitar. =^]

    One interesting thing that I noted was that during the tremolo passage, the bass notes were more pronounced than what I usually hear in Flamenco, where the treble notes are the star of the technique.

    Thanks, again.


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