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Nostalgia, from the album Brilliant Trees, by David Sylvian. A wonderfully melancholic, perhaps even maudlin, track. I hear an electric guitar plugged directly into the console (no amp), something Holger Czukay often did. The voice at the beginning would have come from Holger’s dictaphone, as he recorded lots of such snippets from AM radio around the world. 

You might also enjoy Plight & Premonition Flux & Mutability, two albums Sylvian and Czukay recorded together, released on one CD in 2018. 


  1. Y.

    Really wonderful. Hung on to every sound…voice, the body and sustaining of the notes, the coloring.

  2. James

    I love David Sylvian’s early solo work. I bought those two collaborations with Holger Czukay when they came out on the Virgin spin-off label Venture. Thankfully they have been reissued.
    Did you ever see Czukay performing in Cologne?


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