Early this morning, stepping out of the house to take my morning walk, I looked across the street at the neighbor’s cactus. It’s a beauty and must be about 15-18′ tall. It reminds me of the ones that grew in my house, limited to a height of 10′ by the ceiling.

The blossoms of my neighbor’s cactus are amazing. By the time I returned from my walk they had already closed up for the day.

Ravens and Crows

Ravens can solve puzzles, trick other animals into helping them out, and communicate with each other at a level even apes can’t match. And now we know they can hatch plans.

Ravens are so smart it’s actually kind of disconcerting, new study finds | Popular Science

I think ravens and crows are awesome.

Crows can snowboard.

Crows don’t forget a face.

Crows use cars to crack nuts.

The real question is will finding out that animals are intelligent change our view of the natural world and thus our behavior?

Artist/Naturalist Nils Udo

Artist/Naturalist Nils Udo
It was toward the end of the dry season. It had not rained for months. The earth was concrete hard. We had to proceed most carefully so as not to damage the more delicate roots. Seven people dug, scraped and shoveled for a week. After the photograph, the hole was, of course, filled in.
– Nils Udo