Ravens and Crows

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Ravens can solve puzzles, trick other animals into helping them out, and communicate with each other at a level even apes can’t match. And now we know they can hatch plans.

Ravens are so smart it’s actually kind of disconcerting, new study finds | Popular Science

I think ravens and crows are awesome.

Crows can snowboard.

Crows don’t forget a face.

Crows use cars to crack nuts.

The real question is will finding out that animals are intelligent change our view of the natural world and thus our behavior?


  1. Victor H.

    The crows in FL have a call that sounds like they are saying, “Ha ha!”, or “Uh oh!” Either way it always strikes me that they are commenting on their observation of us humans.

  2. Jane Katz

    I love crows and ravens, glad there are so many in Santa Fe. They have a large vocabulary and say very important things to each other. One can tell another what she has discovered about a certain street or announce where there is food out for the taking. I relish a crow flying low so that I can hear the swish of his wings.

  3. S

    What an amazingly adorable snowboarding crow that was!
    That was one highly intelligent, creative and fun loving crow. This bird, obviously, showed some brain power by utilizing a tool.
    I heard crows are known to bring gifts to humans. Perhaps some of us learn gratitude from watching these animals.

  4. Jane Katz

    Now, every crow I see makes me think of Ottmar! It is pleasant!

  5. Dave Kirschner



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