Albuquerque Concert

Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra + the NM Philharmonic orchestra will be in concert @ the Albuquerque zoo on May 18, 2013. That’s 1.043836 years or 381 days from now.

We performed with a double string quartet of the NM Philharmonic last Summer and loved it. Now we will get to play with the orchestra. I am so looking forward to this!!

Concert cancelled

Due to a situation beyond our control, the benefit concert at Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque, on September 30th, has been cancelled. UNM/Popejoy will issue refunds.

Give Away

We are organizing our warehouse and have decided to give away a number of items such as the Live Wide-Eyed + Dreaming LaserDisc and Opium Incense from 1996, 40 or 50 copies of the 12″ vinyl single Spanish Steps backed with Havana Club, a lot of old posters and one – 1993 CDs – an ambient album we recorded alongside The Hours between Night + Day.

We will give away these items at our Santa Ana Star Center concert in Rio Rancho on December 18th. Christmas is exactly a week after that show and it seems appropriate.

While supplies last. FCFS, no exceptions.
We will not mail any of these items or hold them for anyone.

In the meantime I am still waiting for a direct link to buy tickets for the Rio Rancho show, but tickets are already on sale at the usual outlets.

PS: here is one direct link. Thanks L

December 18th – Rio Rancho

We have received a lot of inquiries regarding the OL + LN XL show in Rio Rancho on December 18th. I am glad you are as excited about that show as we are. Later this week I hope to post a direct link to a place where you can order tickets.

PS: I am told tickets will go on sale on October 1st. At that time we will publish a link for tickets.

Revival of Luna Negra XL

The Luna Negra XL band for the concert at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho on December 18th is shaping up. So far we have confirmed these musos:

OL – Flamenco + Electric Guitars
Jon Gagan – Bass + Keyboards
Stephen Duros – Flamenco + Electric Guitars
Kanoa Kaluhiwa – Tenor Saxophone
Mike Middleton – Trumpet
Carl Coletti – Drumkit
Souhail Kaspar – Dumbek + other Percussion

I am really looking forward to this!! Haven’t seen Carl in 9 years (((Carl was in a band with my brother and me in Boston some 25 years ago and played drums in the Opium band in 1996, and the first incarnation of the XL band in 1997))) and haven’t seen Mike since the last XL tour in 2001. You can find the personnel of every band since 1989 here.

We have no plans to tour with this band, so if you want to experience Luna Negra XL come to Rio Rancho – not far from Albuquerque.