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We are organizing our warehouse and have decided to give away a number of items such as the Live Wide-Eyed + Dreaming LaserDisc and Opium Incense from 1996, 40 or 50 copies of the 12″ vinyl single Spanish Steps backed with Havana Club, a lot of old posters and one – 1993 CDs – an ambient album we recorded alongside The Hours between Night + Day.

We will give away these items at our Santa Ana Star Center concert in Rio Rancho on December 18th. Christmas is exactly a week after that show and it seems appropriate.

While supplies last. FCFS, no exceptions.
We will not mail any of these items or hold them for anyone.

In the meantime I am still waiting for a direct link to buy tickets for the Rio Rancho show, but tickets are already on sale at the usual outlets.

PS: here is one direct link. Thanks L


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