Tuesday, May 6th

Every year there comes a day in Spring when the trees in town suddenly look green. It may be that more leaves opened this morning or maybe that the leaves just unfurled a little more, but today was that day.

Brought my Negra1 and the Viscarra strat to Jon’s studio before going to breakfast with him. After breakfast I played some guitar on a 9+ minute remix of “This Spring Release 10,000 Butterfies” he decided to make. Lush and trippy… to be experienced in our ListeningLounge next month sometime.

Tuesday Morning

Up early at 5:30. Enjoyed the moon. Thought that I like the moon even better before or after it is full, full being too perfect somehow.

Yesterday Jon let me know that he heard a digital noise in one song and an acoustic noise in another. The man has great ears, because I investigated and found a couple of regions that weren’t edited properly and the other song had a noise that happened after I stopped playing guitar. Fixed those and in the afternoon Jon came by to pick up the revised 24 bit files. Jon and I are both mastering the album and later this morning we will compare.

Loretto Chapel

Performance for SFe LIving Treasures
Yesterday evening I played in the Loretto chapel to raise funds for a second Santa Fe Living Treasures book. I was a bit nervous because of the home-crowd and the beautiful space, but settled in during “Silence”. After the intermission I played one more song by myself and then Jon and Stevo joined me for three pieces and the encore. Jon played upright, which sounded wonderful in the space, especially the bowing during the “Snakecharmer” intro. My thanks to Stevo and Jon for coming out to play. Here is a set of photos from last night.