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02008-02-18 | Jon Gagan, Music, Performance, Santa Fe | 9 comments

Performance for SFe LIving Treasures
Yesterday evening I played in the Loretto chapel to raise funds for a second Santa Fe Living Treasures book. I was a bit nervous because of the home-crowd and the beautiful space, but settled in during “Silence”. After the intermission I played one more song by myself and then Jon and Stevo joined me for three pieces and the encore. Jon played upright, which sounded wonderful in the space, especially the bowing during the “Snakecharmer” intro. My thanks to Stevo and Jon for coming out to play. Here is a set of photos from last night.


  1. Anelafoo

    In the chapel
    His light shines through
    a day of peace

  2. Adam Solomon

    I’m bad at haikus
    But that concert looks awesome
    I wish I’d been there

    I also sometimes wish I were a bit better of a poet! :) Can we continue the trend with more comments?

  3. Boris

    One of the first things I noticed when finding your music was a picture of Jon on the THBND CD with his upright bass. I’d have loved to hear him play that in the chapel! Oh, and I remember that I kind of expected him to play upright when you were touring with the string quartet, just to be in line with the violins and the cello. Just out of curiosity: what other songs did you perform?

  4. dave

    Wasn’t Jon’s upright bass damaged sometime back? Is this the same one or a replacement?

  5. Carol

    It is euphoria to hear you in a large hall. I might never come back to the ground if I were to experience your music in a place like this.

  6. Panj

    What a beautiful Church, that staircase looks alive! How the whole Church must have drunk up every note you guys played. Thank you Ottmar, for sharing the photos, they make for a wonderful armchair journey! God Bless you Guys!

  7. Carol

    Your comment really stays with me, Panj. I thinks so too. Likely the chapel will be even more spiritual because of the embedded music.

  8. becky m

    the concert in loretto chapel was magnificent! We traveled from louisiana to see you there and the music & setting did not disappoint. Love to see you again; come to Louisiana for our hospitality! We are big fans and even more so after this concert. God bless you.

  9. Mixalis

    It sounds like the evening was totally amazing. The Loretto chapel is truly a beautiful place. The staircase is an absolute miracle. I visited the chapel in 2005. I can still see the wood sculpture of Jesus christ as a carpenter in front of the chapel.

    Thanks for sharing your experience at the chapel. It brought back some nice memories of Santa Fe for me.


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