Never Have I Ever…

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Why should one get a point for a lack of experience? Let’s turn this around and give a point for everything you have done. And how about a Musician Edition?!?

Have you ever…
– Tuned your instrument using a tuning fork
– Recorded on a four track cassette recorder
– Used two tape machines to create looping
– Cut and spliced analog tape
– Recorded on a 16 or 24 track 2″ tape Machine
– Demagnetized the heads of a 24 track recorder
– Used a paper track sheet
– Used a completely manual mixing console
– Noted all of the settings of a mixing console, because that was the only way to preserve them
– Taken polaroids to remember the exact position of a mic in relation to the instrument
– Used a tube microphone

I love the way I get to record now, the portability of the equipment, the flexability, the ability to return to a mix at any time and continue where I left off, but I am also really grateful to have known the analog process. That process had to, by nature, be a deep dive as walking away meant losing all of the settings and having to start over (which could sometimes be a good thing). There was an intensity to that process that was amazing. A gentle pressure cooker of learning. And expensive AF.


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