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The cover of the next album might be an image that includes movement, especially because the album will contain many sounds of rain and water. A few of the working titles are:

    slow 2 : rain
    slow 2 : the rain album
    slow guitar + rain drumming
    slow 2 + water

Yes, I am obsessed with water. Many of my song titles have a variation of the word water in them. One cannot live in a desert, even one as relatively green as Santa Fe, without obsessing about water. (((maybe I should make a playlist with every song that has either water in the title or the sound of water on the recording… there will be loads…)))

A printed CD cover is always static but there is no reason that a digital file has to be. There are so many possibilities for a cover that combines a short video loop in the background with a foreground image that has the opacity turned down a little bit. I imagine an image of a guitar layered over a video loop that shows the reflections of the sun in a body of water. Or a macro photo of a drop of water that is layered over water movement. There are lots of possabilities there.

This is a quick Saturday morning experiment, using a photo I took last week and a short loop I found at
Above is the video and below is a 6 second GIF version, taken from that video.


  1. Elisabeth

    Dear Ottmar,

    I read your comment. I believe a poem that I would like to share with you.

    The Source

    In the deserts, I looked for you
    I forgot your name.

    In the deserts, I found oases
    Without quenching my thirst.

    In the deserts, I pitched a tent
    Without feeling at home.

    In the deserts, I saw golden palaces
    That where only mirages.

    In the deserts, a hand was streched out
    That was not yours.

    So I stopped.
    Petrified by the moon,
    Lost in loneliness,
    I called your name.

    In the desert, I left my life
    Like an old skin.

    In the desert my dream desappeared
    Like lightless beacons.

    In the desert, I saw the invisible
    Like a horizon that open.
    The elusive desert opened
    Like a boundless horizon

    In the desert, I know longer
    Who I was.

    In the desert, I crossed the mirors
    Like a wondering ghost.

    So I faded away.
    Petrified by the moon,
    Bathed in loneliness,
    You spring from me,


    Sweet afternoon to you,

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    I’m so glad a new album is in progress! Water… I have lately intensified my feeling for rivers and lakes.

    I once spent time sitting at the edge of Lake Michigan in the sweet town of Saugatuck, Michigan. Every day a little muskrat came swimming toward me with a mouthful of grass, dove headfirst underwater, and soon surfaced, empty mouthed. In no time he was back with more grass and did the same routine. I loved that lake and the stupendous trees surrounding it. I wish my little guy all the best!

    Maybe “Rhythmic Waters” or “Water Rhythms”…….

    Wondering about the Lisbon sign. It touched a kindred feeling in my heart. Why is it in French?

    • ottmar

      I am not sure why it is in French. It’s an ad for a clothing company, I think.

      • JaneParhamKatz

        I like the guitar-under-water image. Smoke is hinted, too. It tingles me!


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