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This is a fun Buzzfeed called “40 Tweets That Pretty Much Perfectly Sum Up What Being An Adult Is All About”. So much truthiness. I especially recommend this Buzzfeed when you are in an airport for a long time and need a distraction.
Yesterday could be summed up in the words of Charlie Brown:

I am staying in bed Snoopy. It’s too Peopley our there

I think I am going to get a lot of use out of that word. :-)
Airports were not designed for pandemics. I kept thinking of cattle chutes while getting bunched up with other humans. There were signs everywhere to keep six feet from others but if a line is set up to fold back on itself one is forced to walk within one or two feet of others. And that’s without so many people ignoring such advice anyway and standing very close. Perhaps I was also shocked by the lack of discipline I encountered. Too many people either wore their mask in a mocking way… nose uncovered or both nose and mouth uncovered, or not at all.
I ended up wearing a KN95 mask for 20 hours. From the moment I ordered coffee in the morning, then took a car to the airport… all the way to arriving at home at midnight. No, I didn’t enjoy it. Yes, my face felt itchy and dry when I finally took the mask off. I am triple vaccinated and tested negative on Monday, so I am not necessarily scared about getting infected but I certainly don’t want to infect someone else–or by infecting them infect their grandmother.
At the airport I thought about how nice it would be to be able to rent a little room just for an hour. It wouldn’t have to be large, just big enough to lay down, do some yoga, sit in meditation, or simply take one’s mask off and read in quiet. Seven by six feet should do it? At first I thought I would gladly pay $25 for an hour, then I realized I would happily pay much more for that luxury. The problem, of course, would be cleaning the room. One could use hydrogen peroxide misting to kill germs, but surfaces would still have to be cleaned by a person who would remove trash left in the room, for example. Perhaps a clever person could invent an automated system for cleaning the space.

Totally unrelated, here is a cool bike rack:


  1. Dave Kirschner

    Those are some great tweets, and true. ;-)

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Thanks, the “40 Tweets” were fun. You know, I have seen private resting rooms at one or two airports. I think they were maybe $20/hour. I viewed one but did not use it. It was wonderful – like an office with sitting and sleeping furniture. They probably provide cleaning supplies these days. I also saw “Dog Restrooms” in an airport; how kind! I’m good at waiting at airports. I seem to relax, doze a little, have a bite to eat, read, walk, shop, relax and doze again, and contemplating my own thoughts at an airport seems more fun than at home.

    When I first looked at your photo of a “cool bike rack,” funny me, I thought it was in the shape of a green grand piano. I said, “what a neat city to have a piano bike rack!” When I saw it again on my desktop screen, in truth it was a green automobile, which was significant in its own way! Ha ha. I also noticed that hand scooter beside the bike rack and, of course, those magnificent tile designs on the sidewalks. How I love those!

    Hey, I’m glad you got home, but I have enjoyed your time in you know where!

  3. Kristen Jikai Bentz

    Great Buzzfeed; Great Charlie Brown quote for my day here on Jan 5; Great bike rack !!! ;)

    Thanks for sharing in the direct transparent way you do! Probably why your music sounds so great – authentic

  4. Boris

    I can relate to this. I visited my parents early December for a weekend. First time in about two years. I travelled by train and decided to go alone, expecting some moaning from my parents that they had not seen their grandchildren in person in a long while. All went well. That weekend, my oldest daughter finally tested positive for the first time, as did I a few days later. In my case, despite being triple vaccinated. I did not experience more than a slight cold (my daughter had raised temperature for a few days). So, all good, but I clearly could have passed on the virus and was more than glad that it had not happened a week earlier.


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