Psychedelic therapy shows great promise. More states should legalise it. Oregon’s trailblazing sets a fine example

Is this a quote from an alternative magazine, a hippie forum, a liberal media outlet? Nope, it’s from The Economist. Sometimes it’s amazing how quickly change can happen.

Meditation is…

Meditation is how the body cultivates the mind.

Most people would say that the farmer cultivates the land but I think it is the other way around. Over time the land cultivates the farmer.


Life after death: how the pandemic has transformed our psychic landscape – a long read from The Guardian. I listened to the audio version this morning. You can also read the article here:

Modern society has largely exiled death to the outskirts of existence, but Covid-19 has forced us all to confront it. Our relationship to the planet, each other and time itself can never be the same again. By Jacqueline Rose

The Great Master

Fan Ho is one of my very favorite photographers. Scroll through these photos that were taken in Hong Kong’s Central Market. Here are more of his photos. Have you heard of him? In America he may not be as famous as Cartier-Bresson but the two would make a great pairing for a museum show.

Connected to the Future

Interview with architect Bjarke Ingles:

He surfaces a thought experiment presented to him by a friend, Icelandic author Andri Snær Magnason: “When do you think there will no longer be anyone alive on earth that you have loved in your life?” He plays the scenario out for me. “I’m 47. Let’s give it 40 years. I don’t think that’s too ambitious.” He playfully raises his bottle. “I’m drinking water. So 40 years into the future. Then Darwin (((the architect’s three year old son))) has a daughter, and she’s five, let’s say. And I love her more than anything. Then she probably lives at least another 90 years. So that’s 40 plus 90, that’s 130. So that’s 2151. ‘Blade Runner,’ the last one, took place in 2049. And that was science fiction like, wow, deep into the future! But actually, in 2151, there will be an old lady that I have loved in my lifetime. The Paris Agreement is about 2050. It feels abstract. But once you understand that there will be people that you have loved, deep into the twenty-second century, then suddenly you understand that the future is much, much closer to your heart than you imagined.”