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02022-01-27 | Meditation | 4 comments

Meditation is how the body cultivates the mind.

Most people would say that the farmer cultivates the land but I think it is the other way around. Over time the land cultivates the farmer.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    The clear bell of Truth rings in this! Like the river develops the ferry captain, the guitar develops the guitarist, the piano develops the pianist. I feel this is the actual reality of being.

    So, the body has the capacity to cultivate the mind, enabling the willing mind to nourish and perfect the body. A thrilling way to live.

  2. Luna

    Beautiful, practical way of expressing it…never thought of meditation this way. Thank you⚘… I feel your words…allowing the mind to take the backseat and not be the “driver” all the time…it feels like a process of surrender to become One with the Present of simply being Willing to Being…like you said, allowing the land to lead…(or the music, or the art, or the words, or the fill in the blank).

  3. Doc

    Huh. I’ll ponder this my next meditation.

    You know, my yogi (just call him that because he says stuff and I go, huh,) always says the internal body will speak to you if you listen. Sometimes… I listen. But I have found you can’t force the mind still when the body is screaming stop it! Adjustments have to be made. It’s amazing how the system works.

    @luna It was a long time practicing before I stopped trying to calm the mind. As my yogi says, The Mind Will Always Try To Distract You. I find that I let my mind chatter and I find the spaces in between and suddenly… there’s nothing. I’m not talking about a deep state, I rarely reach that place, just a quiet state. Anyway. for some reason I needed to comment.

    • anne

      “mind will always try to distract” – good statement.


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