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Psychedelic therapy shows great promise. More states should legalise it. Oregon’s trailblazing sets a fine example

Is this a quote from an alternative magazine, a hippie forum, a liberal media outlet? Nope, it’s from The Economist. Sometimes it’s amazing how quickly change can happen.


  1. MTCallahan

    Oregon is definitely unique. It’s like all 50 states rolled into one. (Not a legal weed joke) The trouble is that the differing options and beliefs are sitting very close to one another. That creates some animosity.

  2. Kristen Jikai

    From the original bottle bill and wide spread recycling to state parks/ public open access all along the ocean front to death with dignity and lately magic mushrooms and open urban protests to broad governmental policies, as an Oregonian myself by virtue of being raised here, open conversation has moved life forward here in unique ways which make our collective journey enriched even with dissent and outright refusal to follow along with new ideas or adhere to old legislation. I pray humanity continues onwards spaciously allowing all conversations. Thanks for the reference to these lands. (Eugene, OR)

  3. Doc

    I’m a firm believer in micro dosing. I have been for some time now, about once a month, sometimes twice a month; nothing trippy, just adjusting my view for the day. It’s helped with depression, anger, and resets my brain, decreasing the build up of tension and frustration so that I can approach life in a healthier way. This and yoga, have been two of the biggest mental adjustments for a healthier life. The meditations after yoga help me to prepare for the daily and the mushrooms adjust for the weeks ahead. I’m more productive, logical, and deal better with my short temper. I wish I had discovered the truth of mushrooms and yoga at an earlier time in my life, I probably would have been a lot better at relationships and careers!

    That’s my testimonial about the subject. I hope that others are able to find the balance mushrooms and yoga and meditation can give one’s mental health. Mind and spirit, Dude, the body will follow.


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