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The first day of the rest of my life. That’s from a movie, isn’t it?

Yesterday “guitar + pipe” arrived on digital vendors, streaming and otherwise. It’s the first track I distributed through a different company. They were fast, with a turnaround of only 10 days. I made a mistake in the spelling of the title (“guitar +pipe” – without the space before “pipe”) to see how quickly they will be able to correct the mistake. I uploaded a second single, “Dance 4 Me” from “vision 2020 (Lockdown Version)”, which will become available on the 21st.

I worked on a video about incense smoke. The first footage didn’t look spectacular. This morning I woke up wondering whether the light needed to hit the smoke from below in order for the smoke to stand out. I found the tiny LED light that a friend gave me. It’s meant to be glued or taped to a drone. It did the job perfectly. Sadly it doesn’t put out constant light and so there is some slow strobing going on. But the look is great. You can check out the work in progress here. This afternoon I found another LED light that doesn’t flash and tomorrow I will work on a less “flashy” version.

Got my first vaccine jab this afternoon. Feels like a momentous step. I honestly do not understand anti-vaxers. My dad’s uncle co-invented one of the several polio vaccines that became available in the Fifties. A big deal that was. Vaccines have saved so many lives.


  1. Y.

    Love the creativity.

    Great news about receiving your first vaccination.

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    I feel very excited about making a video of Bandelier cliff dwellings and ancient ruins with these wonderful sounds.

  3. JaneParhamKatz

    Woah! Your Great Uncle contributed majorly to elimination of Polio from this Earth. Must make you feel so proud!

  4. Nancy

    So happy you got your first shot! I did the Pfizer one in February and March and I am so thankful. I also don’t understand the anti-vaxers. I am happy we live in a time where we were able to get a vaccine developed so quickly. Just looking at the number of people who have died of Covid any help is a positive. Very cool that your dad’s uncle contributed to the polio vaccine – another horrible disease.

  5. Carolynn

    I have been fully vaccinated. I think I had a reaction each time with the pfiser shot but I’m not sure so I’ll leave it at that. Even if I was 100% sure that I did have reactions that put me in the emergency room, I still would have gone ahead with getting them. I’m glad you’re getting your shots, too.

    The thing with the anivaxxers is that until now, there hasn’t been a time when thousands or millions of people died from a deadly virus. They didn’t have to go to school with kids on crutches who had had polio. But even with that, I still don’t get the antivax theories unless you or your kid was seriously injured from a vaccine.


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