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The NYT has an article on a new networking tool for artists, called FanTrail. I downloaded the app they created for the Roots, and it lived on my iPhone for less than a minute. Ugly app, but of course it was free for the Roots. Monetized – what an ugly word – with messages from Sponsors. I suppose that FanTreail matches sponsors with artists, e.g. Nike with the Roots, or perhaps they get scatter-shot to everyone. Anyway, the FAQ is interesting. Is this what fans want? Seems rather bizarre to me. Perhaps I am getting too old.
Bought a pair of inversion boots. So Seventies, right? I always enjoyed hanging upside down, and I have practiced head stands since I was fifteen. I don’t know why I waited until now to get these boots – I love ’em. I should buy a baby-blue tracksuit to wear with them… (I am kidding). But seriously, yesterday I hung from the rafters twice, like a bat, and did reverse squats (against gravity) and situps, and in the evening I just hung and let my spine decompress. The kninks I usually feel after sleeping were not there this morning and my back feels great.


  1. dave

    You can find vintage Adidas tracksuits on-line, you know. ;-)

  2. stephen duros

    I like the tracksuit idea too!

    Great to hang upside down, awesome! especially after playing guitar for a while, great for the back.

  3. Panj

    Are these ‘boots’ the same as the table thingy that turns u upside down? I can remember my freind’s and how wonderful it felt…hmmm would that count as a meditation position?


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