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This laptop is freezing cold.
No heat, no water.
58ºF inside and the thermometer outside read -20ºF this morning. That’s -29ºC.
This computer is indeed freezing.
If I move to a colder climate I’ll buy a plastic MacBook…

At least the sun is shining. That makes it feel warmer than it is.


  1. dave

    -20°F? That’s cold! I’d tell you to think warm thoughts but that doesn’t really work.

  2. Luz

    It’s cold here too and snow is expected overnight but will beleive it when I see it. Coming home this afternoon, I was trying to apply liquid chapstick on my lips but there was none to be had—it was pratically frozen!

  3. Carol Anderson

    Put on that wonderful cap like the one I got from you. That has saved me from the cold many a time, and I often get compliments on it. It’s clear up to 31 here today for the first time in some time and the sun is shining.

  4. lindaw

    and now the Gov has ordered rolling blackouts. It’s too cold! Left to go to work at -27C today.. challenged cars to ice dance with me. I won!

    be safe and warm Ottmar.. if not, go somewhere that is!

  5. Steve(Brokerbiker)

    58 inside isn’t as bad as I have heard even here in Texas. Only 20 outside but 33 inside for one of my friends…glad our Aggie Texas Governor has decleared Sanctuary cities in Texas an emergency legislative matter and not the electricity grid…


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