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First O Little Town of Bethlehem/City of Tijuana, the only song I ever used the 2004 version of Guitar-Rig on. I hated Guitar Rig, although newer versions may be capable, and switched to a Line 6 Pod, and the Guitar Rig foot controller has languished unsused in a cupboard in the studio ever since.

You can download the 256kbps file here.

Now Westcost, also from Winter Rose:

You can download the 256kbps file here.

I had not listened to this song in years, but pulled out the CD the other day when I thought of TG and wondered whether he had received our snail mail letter. I played Westcoast and wrote him an email. From TG’s November note to me – I mentioned his email in the Journal last month:

Anyway I’m still standing, not to sure for how much longer.
I have also chosen Westcoast amongst others, to be played if things don’t work out.
It reminds me of all the visits to LA sitting in the bar of the Sofitel Hotel chilling out.
It’s like I’m there again when I hear it.

I listened the song and really enjoyed it. TG is right, it channels California very well. I love the groove! The percussion stems from a 2004 live recording of Cave in my Heart, with Robby on Cajon, to which Jon and I added new guitar and bass and keyboard parts. Jon also added bells, because when Snake (Roger Klein), the A&R man who signed me to Epic Records in 1991, asked me to record another Christmas album in the early Nineties, he would say that we didn’t need to record a lot of traditional pieces – just add some bells and everyone will think it’s Christmas music!. That’s why the song is called Westcoast (for Snake).


  1. marijose

    This morning a friend in Australia and I were discussing Faure’s Pavane by e-mail and I sent him a link to Winter Rose. As I was looking at the song titles I wondered who Snake is, so thanks for the timely explanation. I love to listen to Winter Rose year-round.

  2. Adam Solomon

    I love Winter Rose and listened to it a ton especially that winter when it came out – ambient flamenco Christmas music, what could be better? :D

  3. Luz

    Westcoast is one of my fav songs from all of your Christmas albums and yes the groove makes the song for sure. Of all your Christmas CD’s, Winter Rose is the one played all year round and I especially love to play Le Cafe (Dream of Snow) during the long hot summer months here in Houston. Just once in my lifetime, I would love to experience a white Christmas and hear my shoes/feet crunching snow but until then I have you music to get me through. Oh and Adam, as I type this I am indeed listening to your Christmass show 2008.

  4. Adam Solomon

    Luz, Houston’s a great town but why not come up to NYC or do a ski trip out west one Christmas? The snow is something wondrous :) Except, of course, when it’s shutting down Heathrow and keeping you from getting back to school, as is my situation right now ;) And I hope you’re enjoying the show!

  5. Luz

    Adam: Seems like bad weather is wreaking havoc everywhere. I did hear about Heathrow and I have a friend in Chicago stuck & not sure when she can get back home to Houston. California is in no better shape with all the rain and mudslides. What a mess out there! Thinking now that staying home for the holidays is not a bad idea afterall. Tomorrow we’ll hit 80 but by Saturday temps will only be in the 50’s. Seriously, I do hope you get back safely-and before the end of the year!

  6. Carol Anderson

    When I forget to have your Christmas music on, it’s like I’m just not feeling quite right. Ah, then I turn it on and I’m all okay again. what a wonderful time the Christmas Season is. I hope you all are feeling the joy it brings.


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