Monday Snakes

Here is a recent recording for those who wonder what the latest band sounded like. This is “Snakecharmer” from Dallas on August 5th, as always recorded straight off the board by Alan. There was a new fourth verse unison by Jon and Stephen, alternating between 3/4 and 4/4. Michael Chavez did the dumbek solo.

You can download the 320kbps mp3 file here.

The set list for Dallas was (from memory):

Three Days Without You
Morning Light
Santa Fe
Heart Still/Beating


La Luna
Up Close/2 the Night
Two Sisters/Duende Del Amor

Samba Pa Ti
Barcelona Nights

Did I forget anything, Stephen?

Sunday in Santa Fe

Stephen alerted me to this slideshow of photos from the Aladdin in Portland on Flickr:


In the evening, dinner al fresco with friends. The weather has been spectacular and it’s been really nice to be home.

Check out these beautiful living root bridges!

Great rant about the sharing of music and the user experience:

the music of sound » On the sharing of music… #music #piracy #user_experience #FAIL
But thats like putting an ambulance at the bottom of a cliff, I think the main philosophical change has to be that the erosion of value must be reversed. In the history of music formats the LP is still the ultimate in my opinion, because of the ritualistic way which you engage with it. You have to consciously put an LP on to listen to it and in so doing you engage with the artwork. Every format since then (cassette -> CD -> MP3) has been a reduction in experience and this is where I think music delivery as an artform has been a failed experiment (other than in specific cases) where the user loses. Is it a coincidence that music has become a faceless, artless data file and at the same time kids don’t really care about it, place value on it or are prepared to spend money on it?

I suggest reading the whole piece.