The roar of Rumi – 800 years on

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BBC NEWS | South Asia | The roar of Rumi – 800 years on
For many years now, the most popular poet in America has been a 13th-century mystical Muslim scholar.

Coleman Barks – Upcoming Appearances
Reading in Santa Fe at the Lensic Theatre – December 18th
The Rumi Concert: Lion of the Heart, an evening performance at The Lensic theatre, Santa Fe’s Performance Art Center. With storydancer Zuleikha, Glen Velez (percussion) and David Darling (cello).

Coleman Barks
He is the author of numerous Rumi translations and has been a student of Sufism since 1977.

Starting the day after his Lensic Theater performance, Coleman Barks will be recording a Rumi-themed album in Santa Fe – with Barrett Martin, Rahim AlHaj, Peter Buck, myself and others.


  1. Carol

    Oh how wonderful. I love Rumi, and I love you. Should be extrardinary

  2. vikki willis

    had i been a faithful ol diary reader i would have read about this…
    but great to hear from u anyhow. :)
    i still think i am brilliant… ;) and this project is going to be so incredible… ohhhhh- let me know if you need a personal assistant… plus I am a wonderful fly on the wall.


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