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I received a package of books today and spent the evening – after working on a new song for the next album – reading bits and pieces from Vonnegut’s A Man Without A Country, Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing, and a collection of poems by Hafiz called The Subject Tonight is Love. I felt like a bird, eating seeds from this tree and that, or a butterfly visiting many flowers.

Jon has finished mastering Up Close: The Fritz Files, which he says is about 50 minutes long. I will pick up a CD with the music tomorrow and am looking forward to listening intently… I started work on a PDF that will accompany the album in our ListeningLounge. Here are some links you can check out in preparation for the album being released next week sometime – I hope.
Dummy Head Recording
Binaural Recording
Head-Related Transfer Function

In case you are wondering: Up Close is no longer the title for the Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra album I have been working on for quite a while. The new album I have been working on (Spring 2008 release?) is coming along nicely, but is at present title-less. In fact the cover photo for it is so amazing that I do not want to mar it with my name or a title. The front of the CD will only show said photo, while the artist’s name and the album-title will be found on the spine and the back of the package.


  1. Will

    That Vonnegut book is great. It is a glimpse inside a great writers head. Not drawn out, but just a flash bulb.

  2. Gudrun

    It’s a lot of reading material, Ottmar. Currently I’m waiting for a new release by Robert Schneider “Die Offenbarung” in the mid of September.

    I’m very inquisitive to your new album! :)

  3. Adam Solomon

    Ahhh, so exciting! So is this Spring 2008 album the same LN album we’ve been hearing about for so long?


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