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One Guitar CD Cover
My new CD of solo guitar music One Guitar, is now available from our online store. The album can also be purchased and downloaded from the ListeningLounge.

If you should come to Santa Fe, you can purchase the One Guitar CD from the Ruben Romero World Music Gallery on the historic plaza at 66 East San Francisco Street. Ruben also has outlets at the Jackalope stores in Santa Fe and Bernalillo and a new gallery in Taos.

In addition to that we opened a vendor account at Amazon and expect the CD to become available from them and some affiliated stores within a few weeks.

My thanks to Ritch Fuhrer, who took the cover photo at the Triple Door in Seattle during one of my solo performances there in April. I don’t think it’s a very flattering photo, but I think it does capture that moment of being lost in the music.

Music that is haunting in its beauty and depth. Highly recommended!Ken Wilber

Ottmar Liebert’s new CD of solo acoustic guitar – the ghosts of Spanish flamenco within the dreamscapes of the New World. One Guitar: 13 tracks of contemplation, meditation, exhalation, levitation… and exquisite solitude.CultureCourt.com

Release Date: 29 August 2006 – if you read this Diary regularly you might have guessed it: 2+9+8+2+6=27=9


  1. Carol

    I’ve waited for this before I ever even listen to the music from it. Talk about self control or maybe just weird? I will likely download some afterwards just to have it that way too. It is beyond excitement and anticipation. So I just sent for it. Hurry it on it’s way please!

  2. Vic

    I just love the way the guitar sounds on this cd. I am listing to 10,000 Butterflies and I just feel like the music takes me to a very sacred place. Thanks.

  3. eno

    sorry, what do the initials next to the first 6 songs mean?

  4. Anna

    Ottmar, thank you! First words that come to mind on hearing this CD are exquisite and spiritual.
    I cannot stop listening to it (on the ListeningLounge)
    This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies makes me think spring, the start of life….
    Not One, Not Two; Beginnings; Letting Go; Out of the Blue and This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies all take me to a spiritual place.

    Not One, Not Two still moves me as deeply as it did the first time I heard it as the Untitled Track.

    I love each track more each time I hear it.

  5. Anna

    Ottmar, I noticed that La Semana LE was removed from the Online Store; does it mean it’s not available anymore?
    Is there a chance that Trilogy will be available again?
    I would love to order the above-mentioned CDs together with One Guitar in one go.

  6. ottmar

    No more Limited Edition “La Semana”. Not sure when there will be another Trilogy – they are usually put together for selling on the road.

  7. Victor

    From the first time hearing these tracks as “Tears in the Rain” this music has felt very personal and intimate. And the finished album in nothing short of spectacular… it takes me on a journey every time! Love it!

  8. Michael


    Great new album. I have followed your music and love your evolution through the years from traditional flamenco to the new music of guitar with electronic influence.

    I have worn out la semana and winter rose last year…but it’s awesome to hear this new album that I downloaded last night, put on my iPod and ran it all day at work.

    This is back to the roots of the guitar and you have once again captured the ambience and heritage of what makes you an amazing artist. I saw you at the Coach House and I will look forward to your show in Palm Desert in November.

    Also, we appreciate your video diary on your sight and being a marketer, creative person and a photographer…you do an amazing job with words and images and I appreciate logging on each day and escaping my world to enter yours. Thanks for the daily inspirations!

    Warm Regards.


  9. Anna

    Ottmar, thank you. Sadly I’ve missed out on La Semana LE, in future I will act faster.

    I am already looking forward to your next visit to Australia. :-)

  10. Anna

    Victor that is exactly how I feel each time I listen to One Guitar. :-)

    I’ve downloaded Silence and Bells; I keep on playing them over and over again every morning at the gym. Sadly I cannot listen to my iPod at work.

    I couldn’t wait for Australia to import the CD; I just bought it online, so now the wait begins.

  11. Gudrun

    Congratulations to your new album, Ottmar!

    I will spend a lot of time dip into the pieces to feel all the Flageoletts, Tremoli, Golpe….etc. I don’t know the english names for all the Flamenco and classical guitar touches and techniques which I love and practice since I’m a teenager.

    Only you and your guitar, this is marvelous!

    Dont’ worry about the photo, it is perfect.

  12. Gudrun

    Anna, I think you are very happy now, aren’t you?

    Don’t worry about the long waiting to buy a cd from Ottmar in Australia, it’s the same misery like in Germany. Many thanks to Ottmar for the Listening Lounge and the possibility to download!

    How can you doing gym to Ottmar’s music?? I only dance sevillanas to “danza viva”. Or mean gym not “gymnastic” but gymnasium… ?? I don’t know.

  13. Carol

    I think the cover is perfect, Ottmar.

  14. Anna

    Gudrun, I ordered One G and a few other CDs from http://www.lunanegra.com.
    We are all grateful to Ottmar for the Listening Lounge, and for sharing his thoughts, feelings and his amazing talent with us.
    As for my listening to Ottmar when I am at the gym it is easy. I can listen to Ottmar no matter where I am, and no matter what I am doing. I get totally lost in his music, I block out everything that’s around accept what’s important at that moment.

  15. Susanne

    Nachtreisende Regentropfen – Gaensehaut, die ganzen 2:56 min. !!! I love to hear as well as experience music with my other senses, tapping into my emotional memory and with your music I make amazing contacts within myself! Thank you for this gift!


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