Wednesday Morning

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Good morning! Another lovely rain during the night. Woke up around three and listened to the soft and steady drops… Some locals say: if the Santa Fe Monsoon happens in June and July – it means very little snow the following winter, but if it happens July and August – good snow… this monsoon season started during the last week of June.

Birds are nesting on a beam right by the entrance to my house. I have been using the garage to get in and out so as to not disturb the little couple. A few years ago I hung a cute little bird-house on the other side of the house, where the nesting would not be disturbed and where little birds learning to fly could land on dirt. But no, for a couple of years birds nested inside the awning right above a concrete terrace, and now they are on the beam above the door and above flagstone… I need a bird-whisperer!

This Onymyrrhe nail fortifier and strengthener is amazing – see earlier post… downside – and there is a downside to everything – is that I have to shape the nails of my right hand every day, because they grow faster…

Speaking of downside… I found this from Ken Wilber very illuminating:
The Shadow Series. Part 1: How to Spot the Shadow.

Here is a chapter from No Boundary, which contains some very practical suggestions and exercises for spotting and re-owning one’s shadow. Click here for the chapter in pdf form. This is only one of many ways that an individual can begin to confront and deal with shadow material, if he or she so wishes.

Ah, moving from nail fortifier to shadow in 2 seconds…

Today: a couple of meetings regarding Stephen Duros’ new album Thira, followed by lunch with Michael and then getting ready for my flight to Australia on Friday (practicing guitar, burning pre-show and intermission CDs etc…)

Stephen has mixed his album, Jon is mastering it in his studio, and Michael Motley will get started on the album cover while we are in Australia. I think we are looking at a late September or early October release for both Thira and Transit 2.

Oh yeah, added a few more dates to the August schedule, with one or two still in the works. And when we come back from that little tour we are set to record with Rahim and Barrett – see earlier post. There is talk of a bona-fide rockstar joining us on this album… Methinks we need a good name for the group…


  1. Boris

    That sounds wonderful! I hoped for some August releases but realized that this wasn’t possible since you all are touring. Now I need to reschedule some gift-packages I had already packed in my mind but that’s a pleasure. Very likely some friends will get two gifts in the end… A band name? Other than Luna Negra? I’ll check back in curious patience. :)

  2. Victor

    I found that excerpt from “No Boundary” quite fascinating, WOW! Suddenly all the little things that annoy me are taking on new meaning!

  3. Matt Callahan

    It sounds as though we had the same storm. Ours was more lightning and thunder than rain but, we’ll take what we can get.

  4. Carol

    I am really happy with the Onymyrrhe. Even with digging in the dirt and pullng weeds in the garden my fingernails are growing and not splitting. Hard to imagine something that inexpensive could do so much. Thank you, Ottmar.

  5. Carol

    Okay, I haven’t finished reading Ken Wilber’s excerpt…sigh…because I’ve been putting off trimming the spirea bush all day. I think I’ll get rid of that little push and shove and go do it , and come back and finish reading it : )


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