Spokane, Washington

It’s hard to believe I’ve been and gone! It was a magical night.

That’s what we like to hear! A lot of venues have their own photo policies. If someone wants to take photos at our show, you can try emailing me and requesting a photo pass – as long as you promise not to use a flash!

Thursday Morning

Spent yesterday, which was a travel day, at the Nugget in Reno. They gave us a nice day rate and from there it was only a few hours to our gig in Lodi today. Woke up on the bus in Lodi at 8AM and used my Treo phone to request the closest Starbucks location to the venue from Google. I think we have better coffee on our bus, but Starbucks has those T-Mobile HotSpot Wi-Fi…

Seems like a nice town, Lodi. Hottest place on this tour so far… well, probably equal to Phoenix??? The venue is great… Hm, I am going to have to leave now, because they are playing a new acoustic Alanis CD at Starbucks that has got to be one of the worst albums I have heard… and I liked the original release in 1996… Later….

By the way, I liked Victor’s Tibetan passport idea in the comments and forwarded it to the Tibet House in New York.


I am sitting in the darkened front lounge of the red bus. The others on this bus have crawled into their bunks, except for Jon who is reading in the back lounge. I am typing these words into my Treo phone. These last two gigs were work. We performed at two ‘Big Easy’ clubs, in Spokane yesterday and in Boise tonight. The audiences were supportive, but especially last night in Spokane the sound was awful. The bass slowly sloshed through the room like cold oil draining from a tank and suddenly I realized that those shards of cutting sound-glass were overtones from my guitar being reflected by the room. It was work just trying to decipher what was going on rhythmically. Well, the audience in Spokane got us through the gig and maybe it did sound a lot better where they were! I’ll go and jump into my top bunk now, because I am tired. Later…