Thursday Morning

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Spent yesterday, which was a travel day, at the Nugget in Reno. They gave us a nice day rate and from there it was only a few hours to our gig in Lodi today. Woke up on the bus in Lodi at 8AM and used my Treo phone to request the closest Starbucks location to the venue from Google. I think we have better coffee on our bus, but Starbucks has those T-Mobile HotSpot Wi-Fi…

Seems like a nice town, Lodi. Hottest place on this tour so far… well, probably equal to Phoenix??? The venue is great… Hm, I am going to have to leave now, because they are playing a new acoustic Alanis CD at Starbucks that has got to be one of the worst albums I have heard… and I liked the original release in 1996… Later….

By the way, I liked Victor’s Tibetan passport idea in the comments and forwarded it to the Tibet House in New York.


  1. Mal

    Welcome to Lodi! I saw you pull in with your slick tour buses. I live across the street from HSS (by the playground).

    I’m glad to hear you like our lil theatre. It really is a jewell for our city.

    Too bad you hit town during the heat wave! You might brave the 100* heat & hit the downtown Farmers Market tonight.

    Your music sounds wonderful!


  2. David Jr.

    OL, when you’re in Cali, check to see if there is a Peets coffee in town. (none in Lodi, though)

    They sometimes have WiFi, but more importantly, they have the best roast I’ve ever tasted.

    Starbucks learned coffee from Peets (Starbucks was started by former Peets person, then they went back to Peets!). But then SB commercialized it and brought the quality down so they can conquer the globe. Peets has stayed fairly local and still makes the best brew to date.

    OK, I’m sounding partial here. lol. Don’t mean to push a product. :o)


    P.S. I agree with the Alanis thing. haha. Or any artist who decides to sell their CD through SB. Eeeck.

  3. keats79

    Alanis is the worst one just because you have not heard the “Antigone Rising” off-key, terrible music(?) CD. I ask that they not play either one when I order…hideous.


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