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I am sitting in the darkened front lounge of the red bus. The others on this bus have crawled into their bunks, except for Jon who is reading in the back lounge. I am typing these words into my Treo phone. These last two gigs were work. We performed at two ‘Big Easy’ clubs, in Spokane yesterday and in Boise tonight. The audiences were supportive, but especially last night in Spokane the sound was awful. The bass slowly sloshed through the room like cold oil draining from a tank and suddenly I realized that those shards of cutting sound-glass were overtones from my guitar being reflected by the room. It was work just trying to decipher what was going on rhythmically. Well, the audience in Spokane got us through the gig and maybe it did sound a lot better where they were! I’ll go and jump into my top bunk now, because I am tired. Later…


  1. Gnome of the Garden

    Good Morning Ottmar :

    Work …Keep digging your well. Don’t think about getting off from work . Water is somewhere.

    New day begins!

    Flow abundantly !


  2. Wendy

    I would never have noticed the technical side of it…I loved what I heard and was so happy to hear you perform live! Thankyou, thankyou all!

  3. David Jr.

    From Wendy’s comment, it sounds like it ended up sound great!

    Sorry to piggyback on this blog — But if anyone needs a ticket to OL’s show at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga this Friday 7/1, please let me know!

    A friend who traditionally goes every year with me can’t make it this year(!), and everyone else is already busy for the weekend.

    Price is face value (no service charge) or whatever you can donate. Money isn’t the issue, just don’t want to see a ticket go to waste. OL’s music is too good for that. :o)

    I’ll also post on Adam’s forum.


  4. Malik Derendinger

    Hi Ottmar

    Ich bin überzeugt, dass das Publikum dein Konzert, trotz allen akkustischen Problemen, genoss; und ganz nebenbei, ist “das” nicht die Hauptsache?

    Mach dir nicht zu viele Gedanken, morgen ist ein neuer Tag… good night


  5. Sundance72

    Your music is spellbinding! We just moved to Boise from our native Santa Fe several months ago. Last night you took us back to the land of enchantment for several beautiful hours. We are very grateful. Namaste.

  6. Mel

    Ottmar, I think that what people pick up on more than the sound is the passion from you and your group, which you have a lot of, so don’t despair. :-)


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