Phone Cam Pics

Music: John McLaughlin – Thieves and Poets
Mood: better – almost over a flu

I noticed yesterday that T-Mobile this week changed the way my cellcam sends photos. Now it actually sends the photo jpeg plus another three or four jpegs that contain stupid stuff, like a T-Mobile logo, a line, and a period. This means, of course, that after I send the photo I have to go to Blogger and Flickr and delete those three or four extra jpegs.

Can anybody tell me whether AT+T, or any other GSM service for that matter, sends just one photo jpeg – because I could switch phone companies before the tour to make mobile photo blogging easier.

Barkbeetle + Creativity

The bark beetle has taken these trees in Eldorado, but whoever lives at this address has turned the dead stumps into beautiful expression rather than cutting them down. Sculpture that affirms life after the bark beetle…

OL on Wikipedia

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Brazilian Scientists Control Crab With Computer

040721siri.jpg image
Researchers in the Säo Paulo University’s Physics Department have successfully connected a group of 11 neurons from a blue crab’s mouth parts to a computer, allowing them to control the movements of the crabs mouth parts via electrical signals. By learning more about how to replicate the function of the crustaceans’ neurons, the researchers hope to be able to someday build a giant, samba-dancing, capoira-kicking robotic crab walker with which to impose a Brazilian dominance over the entirety of mankind. Or they want to build prosthetic arms for humans; I forget which.


I wonder whether there will be musical groups in the future who will be able to plug each member into some kind of matrix that will enable them to do “un-human” unison stuff…but a capoira dancing crab would be cool, too.