Morello Guitar

This guitar was built by Matthew Morello. His girlfriend gave me a mini-CD with photos of this guitar when we performed at the SOhO Club in Santa Barbara last month. I would love to hear what something like this sounds like… I always ask my luthiers to make my guitar look as plain as possible… but isn’t that prejudice also – to assume that something this beautiful and intricate can’t also sound great?

When in Rome

ROME, Italy (AP) — A 10-day manhunt for the suspected killer of a policeman ended Saturday in bloodshed before horrified tourists in central Rome, where the fugitive grabbed a Frenchwoman at gunpoint before he was killed in a shootout with police, officers and witnesses said.

“What does it matter, I’m already dead, I’ll kill her,”‘ Luciano Liboni yelled as police demanded he surrender outside a subway entrance, according to Carabinieri paramilitary police. The woman was unharmed.

Liboni, suspected of killing a policeman July 22, had been spotted Saturday morning and surrounded by police near the Circus Maximus, an ancient Roman field that is a major Rome tourist attraction.

“Our man fired at Liboni, the lady instinctively dropped to the ground,” Maj. Attilio Auricchio was quoted as saying by the Italian news agency Apcom. “Her husband feared for his wife’s life, but she got up right away, running toward her children.”

When you are in Rome and you hear a shot, drop to the ground – without spilling the espresso of course!

New Cellphones

Alert! Geeky entry!
For me, these are the choices for this Fall:

Treo 610
Sidekick/Hiptop 2
Sony Ericsson P910
Sony Ericsson K700i

I want a decent phone-cam, around one mega-pixel resolution, I want Bluetooth, and I prefer a Qwerty keyboard – got used to that with my Tungsten C. I am leaning towards the Treo 610 at the moment, because I could load some of my favorite Palm apps, although the Sidekick 2 looks like a great alternative – 1.3 MP camera with flash. The K700i is nice and small. I also like that Palm sells un-locked Treos, which will work with any GSM provider in the world…

Water Catcher

Never mind. I swear, yesterday all four extra attachments showed up on Flickr and consequently on Blogger. Now they did not.

I guess I am staying with T-Mobil. I like their unlimted GPRS web access for twenty bux per month and the unlimited Hot Spot access for another $20 for mobile phone customers.