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I noticed yesterday that T-Mobile this week changed the way my cellcam sends photos. Now it actually sends the photo jpeg plus another three or four jpegs that contain stupid stuff, like a T-Mobile logo, a line, and a period. This means, of course, that after I send the photo I have to go to Blogger and Flickr and delete those three or four extra jpegs.

Can anybody tell me whether AT+T, or any other GSM service for that matter, sends just one photo jpeg – because I could switch phone companies before the tour to make mobile photo blogging easier.


  1. Sebastian

    You should complain to them! Since you’re actually paying for the data sending, why do they advertise in your email?!

  2. Adam Solomon

    Oy, that’ll be fun when I bring my mom’s t-mobile phone cam to the BB Kings shows :

  3. Anonymous

    Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Anonymous

    Hi OL contact verizon about sendng your photos, I just changed from t-mobile to verizon,my phone service is better and my phone works in red river when traveling and t-moblie did not,also when sending pitchures to my e-mail no blog….or any other B.S.


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