Camper Clogs

These are Camper clogs made out of felted wool and I received a green pair as a gift recently. If you love being barefoot as I am known to : ) winter is a bummer as one needs to keep one’s feet warm (old German saying: keep feet warm and your head cold – and you’ll get old) ….with these lovely shoes which have a rubber sole to make them last longer and not slippery I can walk around barefoot and have toasty feet…just lovely I tell you!!!


If I sell our new CDs only from our own web site, then the package design is not limited to jewel boxes that fit into the bins at Tower Records and all the other record stores. That means we can design new and more artful packages. Maybe like the metal tin which contained a Christmas CD we mailed out to friends a couple of years ago – and for which we won a design award..or if at the heart of the package is still a digi-pak – the package I still prefer over the jewel box and which would fit into everyone’s storage system best – then we can create another package around it. I remember how much fun I had to uncover my iPod, which has fantastic Apple packaging. I also think of Japanese gifts, which are sometimes elaborate packages with nothing inside! But of course you would find music inside our packages!

Web Site

I am working on an idea where we would sell our new music ONLY from one dedicated web site and I already reserved a domain name for that purpose. On this site you would find mp3 files of most or all of the music for each album which you could download for free. Of course these mp3 files would not sound as good as the CD, but it would let you enjoy the music. You can then order the CD from us…and only from us. At that point my new albums would NOT be available from any other store anywhere. There would be no attempt to get airplay on radio, no dealing with Soundscan, no interest in getting into the charts, no barcode…just making albums I believe in and selling them to fans directly.


We love our iPods…to me it is even more exciting than the first Walkman was sometime in the late seventies (?)…during our little mini tour in May you could sometimes see Canton, Jon and myself walking around backstage – each listening to an iPod in our hand or back pocket…


It is snowing.

The flakes are sticking to blades of tall native grass in my yard like an impressionist’s brushstrokes. Some blades topple over from the weight of the snow and some stand tall with just a few white dabs.