Caravan of Dreams 2

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The 3rd gig @ the Caravan of Dreams was the best. Many people jammed in the standing room zone. The 1st piece w it’s added sounds from the CD “one” + the police radio sample in the section w the industrial drum sounds left the audience quiet + wondering what would happen next.

Snakecharmer was next + pulled them in. Gr8 audience, nice + lively w screamers + movers.

R called me from Hawaii yesterday afternoon. I don’t know how she got my number @ the Worthington. She said she would have some Vietnamese food send 2 us @ Rice University in Houston where we R playing 2night.

We arrived in Houston @ Rice @ 9:30am. No coffeehouses around campus. I walked 2 hours + didn’t find a book or magazine shop or cool espresso place. Lights were supposed 2 B here by noon. They didn’t arrive until 2:30pm. Deposit wasn’t fully paid until Stefan told the promoter we wouldn’t play w/o full payment of deposit.

New developements: Epic wants us 2 open up 4 Julio @ Radio City Music Hall in NYC. 5 or 6 nights. We won’t get any money really, but the pay-off would B 2 B able 2 tour in Europe + other markets some time next year. That’s a big maybe….. in the meantime we would have 2 cancel shows in NYC, Philly, D.C. etc…. loyal fans would B pissed off that have already bought tickets 2 our own shows…

The preasure builds. 1st Bolt-on then Julio….Stefan will talk 2 the president of Epic directly + settle the matter… hopefully.

I talked 2 ND about the live CD cover. She will come w a photographer 2 San Francisco. Shoot a couple of the nights @ the Gr8 American Music Hall. Told her about the remix CD as well. Something crazy, like making insects come out of my mouth…. butterflies… making my eyes even bluer or purple, or yellow… I should send her the info I have already 4 both records… tell her that the next record will B called “opium” etc…

3:30pm – time 2 practise some guitar.


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