Nestor Torres 2

Spend a long evening w the Cuban arranger, Eddie Mantillo @ his loft. Came up w some cool licks for the Nestor Torres songs I am 2 play on.

Later we went 2 Miami Beach + took a walk on Ocean Boulevard. Eddie showed me a guitarist from Argentinia. He is dressed all in black w long dark hair, + plays guitar on the strip. He does a cover of Barcelona Nights, which he has apparently recorded + sells on his CD. Highly irregular + illegal. The ladies seem 2 love him. His persona seems so calculated 2 me. Another reason to shave my head… People have no idea that I basically live under a rock and don’t go out much. When I created Nouveau Flamenco there was nothing calculated about it – not in the music and not in the look. Maybe that somehow shines through, methinks… maybe that honesty is what makes it attractive.

Nestor Torres

In the air on my way 2 Atlanta from where I’ll fly 2 Miami 2 record w Nestor Torres on Monday evening. I will meet his arranger 2day + will have 2morrow off. I am looking forward to spending a couple of days in Miami!

Virginia Beach

We arrive in Virginia Beach. Walked 5 blocks 2 the beach. Lots o’ Budweiser signs, college stuff @ every street corner.

Bought a new pair of wrap-around Ray-Bans, because the old pair I bought w Rolf in Minneapolis during the Natalie Cole tour (1992) is falling apart. Had a cup of coffee + returned 2 the Quality Inn. Praticed guitar, read, had dinner w Stefan, Jon + Calvin during which we drank a bottle of Perrier Champagne 2 celebrate Stefan buying a house in SFe, + practiced some more guitar.

On stopping a .357 Magnum bullet

It’s raining here. I’m sitting in the bus right in front of the venue. The drops R drumming on the roof, a combination of rhythm + white noise. A woman in whose shop I bought some incense this afternoon came 2 the venue + brought me some sand from a Tibetan Mandala the monks had constructed in this area this year – “This will stop a .357 magnum bullet if used right”.

I’m listening 2 the German band named ‘Jam + Spoon’.

We have been using candles on stage 4 almost a week now. It looks gr8 w the moving lights. Yesterday I found a big stainless bowl which we filled w a few pounds of rice 2day. We’ll burn a couple of dozen stick of incense in that bowl on stage 2night. The LD needs a little fog so people can C the light beams better, + we might as well have nice smelling fog.

Jacksonville, Florida

We arrived in Jacksonville. I slept until 10am + don’t feel refreshed @ all. The trick is 2 sleep just a little: 5-6 hours a night makes me feel better on these tours. Jon + I found an Espresso place in a mall called “The Landing”.