On stopping a .357 Magnum bullet

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It’s raining here. I’m sitting in the bus right in front of the venue. The drops R drumming on the roof, a combination of rhythm + white noise. A woman in whose shop I bought some incense this afternoon came 2 the venue + brought me some sand from a Tibetan Mandala the monks had constructed in this area this year – “This will stop a .357 magnum bullet if used right”.

I’m listening 2 the German band named ‘Jam + Spoon’.

We have been using candles on stage 4 almost a week now. It looks gr8 w the moving lights. Yesterday I found a big stainless bowl which we filled w a few pounds of rice 2day. We’ll burn a couple of dozen stick of incense in that bowl on stage 2night. The LD needs a little fog so people can C the light beams better, + we might as well have nice smelling fog.


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