Nestor Torres 2

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Spend a long evening w the Cuban arranger, Eddie Mantillo @ his loft. Came up w some cool licks for the Nestor Torres songs I am 2 play on.

Later we went 2 Miami Beach + took a walk on Ocean Boulevard. Eddie showed me a guitarist from Argentinia. He is dressed all in black w long dark hair, + plays guitar on the strip. He does a cover of Barcelona Nights, which he has apparently recorded + sells on his CD. Highly irregular + illegal. The ladies seem 2 love him. His persona seems so calculated 2 me. Another reason to shave my head… People have no idea that I basically live under a rock and don’t go out much. When I created Nouveau Flamenco there was nothing calculated about it – not in the music and not in the look. Maybe that somehow shines through, methinks… maybe that honesty is what makes it attractive.


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