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It appears that SoundCloud has changed their rules overnight and disabled downloading of the tracks from Under the Rose. We are looking into an alternative – and I would also like to offer a lossless download option.

PS: I uploaded to zipped folders. One contains the ten songs in 16/44.1 FLAC format, and the other contains the songs in 320kbps mp3 format. The links will be added to the webpage soon.

The FLAC Folder is shared here (281 MB)

The mp3 Folder is shared here (114 MB)


During the first 24 hours, songs from Under the Rose were downloaded more than 9,000 times and as I am posting this, early Thursday Morning, the number has risen to 17,000. That’s a nice start. Roshi Joan will include a link and description of the album in the next Upaya newsletter.

The last rehearsal went well, and we came up with a set list. Morning Arrival in Goa is back in the set, Sao Paulo gains a new end-section with killer drumming, the new, and still unnamed tune will be performed, and we might do Serenity on Ultracloud… lots of new sections and changed grooves – killer groove for Heart Still/Beating:

Mercury is in retrograde. Backup yer computers. Get Canton’s retrograde widget here. This widget for Mac OS X helps you from being surprised when the planet Mercury “goes retrograde.”

File under oddity or sign of the times: I just bought the three CD set of A State of Wonder by Glenn Gould. Indeed wonderful recordings of Bach from 1955 and 1981, for $15.98. The mp3 album is $24.99. Nine dollars difference, and the mp3s cost MORE…

The Morning light is coming up and I have to get going. Must pack…

Under the Rose

under the rose :: rahim alhaj ; ottmar liebert ; jon gagan ; barrett martin

Album Webpage

The webpage is live now. You can download the music for free, but the musicians involved in the making of this recording invite you to make a tax deductible contribution to Direct Aid Iraq. Read more at the webpage:

I hope you will help me spread the word about the album! It is very easy to embed the music on your blog or website, using the SoundCloud widget. Just go to our webpage and click on the embed symbol. It looks like this – I encircled it in red in this screenshot:

That will bring up these options:



the mind open with the inner ear « neo bohemia
Poetry is not something you can order up – the beginnings of poems come unbidden and then one goes to work on them, always keeping a huge space of mind open around it. The trick is to listen with the inner ear. This is maybe the most rewarding sort of artistic work, but it would be greedy to expect to be able to do it all the time.
– Gary Snyder

The same is true for music!

And check out this interesting post. Any correlation to the divorce-rate? What about the genetic health of children? Any correlation to genetic problems?

We are getting rid of ownership, substituting use. Beginning with ideas. Which ones can we take? Which ones can we take?

from John Cage’s 1965 (((!!!))) diary, included in his book A Year from Monday: New Lectures and Writings

Must re-read that book, which I bought 27 years ago! (The reason I picked it up today will become apparent soon.)

A little more about the album Under the Rose:

The four of us came up with the song titles in my kitchen. One of my suggestions was Under the Rose. It is a Sufi expression. As I understand it, Sufi masters usually taught out of their home. Most traditional Sufi masters held down jobs, often masonry, since they did not ask for alms or taught for money. The only sign that would give away that a Sufi master lived in a particular house was that a rose would be fastened above the entrance. Apparently Sufis did not proselytize. If someone was looking for them, they could be found.
01 Under the RoseUnder the Rose webpage

Barrett came up with the title Spirit of Saladin. I had heard the name, but didn’t know much about him. Here is Saladin on wikipedia:

His chivalrous behavior was noted by Christian chroniclers, especially in the accounts of the siege of Kerak in Moab, and despite being the nemesis of the Crusaders he won the respect of many of them, including Richard the Lionheart; rather than becoming a hated figure in Europe, he became a celebrated example of the principles of chivalry, a rare distinction for a non-Christian.

10 Spirit of SaladinUnder the Rose webpage

The webpage for the album: should become available on or around September 15th – nothing there now. I hope at that time you will help me spread the word about the album. It is very easy to embed the music anywhere using the SoundCloud widget. Just go to the album, or click on any of the individual track and then click on Share and this comes up:

You can customize the player, I used red for the ones I embedded above, and there are shortcuts for many sites.

Once our webpage is up next week you are free to embed the music on your weblogs (((totally easy!))) and email the links to your heart’s content – and please link to the special page. Only a week to go.

Tuesday Music

Under the Rose – on SoundCloud

Membership has its privileges… In a couple of weeks we will have a special webpage for the project at this location: But, you can already listen to the music, and download 320kbps mp3s, at the above location on SoundCloud. Right now the first 5 tracks are available, the other half of the album will be uploaded this week.

Right now these tracks are just for you, but once the webpage at is up (((I will let you know when it’s ready, hopefully on September 15 or 22))) I would love it if you could let as many people as possible know about it. As I mentioned before, we are giving away the music for free.

Again, the location where you can download half the album now is:
Under the Rose – on SoundCloud

And now for something different. Per Steve’s request, more 24/96 files!

You can download the song Sao Paulo, from the album Up Close, in all its 24bit 96kHz glory here. This is a 248MB file. Your computer may or may not play back 24bit files – consult your manuals or friends. Download the file if you have a 24/96 digital-to-analog converter, or to store if you might aquire one someday. :-)

And remember, you have to use headphones to hear the binaural surround-sound on Sao Paulo!

Here is Stephen listening to the song two years ago.